Pescatarian · Scandinavian · Seafood


As halal diners, we have a propensity to only eat at restaurants that provide halal meat options and therefore we tend to overlook that London also has an exceptional range of eateries that offer great vegetarian and pescatarian alternatives for halal consumers to enjoy. During our search for non-halal alternatives, which still provide a unique experience for halal diners, we… Continue reading Smaka

Pan Asian


Tootoomoo is a Pan-Asian restaurant, located a stones throw away from Highbury and Islington train station. The venue is vibrant and deliciously eccentric in its decor, as the interior caricaturly depicts the colourful street food markets, hawker stalls and huts of the exotic Far East. The establishment is bijou in size as a result of starting life as… Continue reading Tootoomoo


Prawn Firecracker

A quick and simply Halal Chronicles take on the famous Wagamama’s Prawn Firecracker. Ingredients (serves 2): 50-75g Raw prawns Toasted sesame oil, as required 200ml Sriracha sauce 1-2tsp Garlic puree 1-2tsp Ginger puree 2tbp Soy sauce Salt, as required Coriander for garnishing Black sesame seeds for garnishing Shichimi seasoning for garnishing Cooked Jasmine rice 4 Large… Continue reading Prawn Firecracker

Greek · Street Food

Hungry Donkey

Hungry Donkey is a Greek restaurant specialising in Athenian street food. Located in the heart of the East End, on Petticoat Lane Market, the venue is a modish take on a canteen, with its industrial lighting, wooden tables and chairs, and a clean and almost sanitised ambiance, which is a complete contrast to what you would expect from… Continue reading Hungry Donkey

Japanese · Sushi


Sushi, in its current form, originated in the 1820s in Tokyo and was developed as a street food concept for proletarians who were seeking a quick lunch option. Fast forward to today and sushi or “washoku”, (meaning “Japanese cuisine”) has gained immense popularity by captivating diners from around the world, with its stunning artistic presentation, high quality ingredients and… Continue reading Murakami

Indian · Indian Street Food · South Indian

Dum Biryani House

The London food scene has never been as dynamic as it currently is. Not only does London continue to offer an abundance of choice, it also provides a multitude of dining trends. One such trend that continues to captivate diners is the gentrification of rustic and homely dishes into nouvelle cuisine. Dum Biryani House is part of… Continue reading Dum Biryani House

Middle Eastern · Palestinian

Tabun Kitchen

Our adoration for street food is undeniable, as the dishes on offer quintessentially represent a nation’s most popular cuisine. The humble fare that once could only be enjoyed from kiosks, trucks and stalls is now becoming more accessible in a contemporary, stylish and comfortable setting. From the streets of Jerusalem to the streets of hipster Soho comes Tabun Kitchen; specialising in Palestinian street food,… Continue reading Tabun Kitchen

Fusion · Korean · Southern Barbeque

Bó Drake

Bó Drake is a Korean and American fusion restaurant, specialising in East Asian exotic flavours with American inspired slow cooked barbecue dishes. The venue has the allure of a smart, upmarket restaurant but with the atmosphere of a trendy, hipster eatery, which is further enhanced by its Soho location. The menu is designed to offer tapas style sharing dishes, which… Continue reading Bó Drake

Fine Dining · South African · Steak

The Meat Co

The Meat Co., formally known as The Meat and Wine Company, is an internationally renowed Steakhouse brand, with its first UK branch situated in the urber chic Southern Terrace at Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush. It was founded by South African restauranteurs Costa Tomazos and Bradley Michael, who originally established FoodFund International in 2000, with the… Continue reading The Meat Co


Mango Tree, Belgravia

Nestled in Belgravia, just a stone throw away from Buckingham Palace sits Mango Tree, an award winning Thai restaurant, renowned for its authenticity. Here you will find dishes spanning all spectrums of the region, from classic concoctions to distinctive regional offerings; you’ll be invigorated with the interplay of exotic flavours, fragrances and aromas. The spacious,… Continue reading Mango Tree, Belgravia