Introduction As halal consumers, for decades we have yearned to enjoy the same gastronomical delights as our non-Muslim counterparts, but unfortunately our choices had always been restricted to only a finite number of cuisines. With the rise in Muslim diners, more and more diverse restaurants have started to serve halal options. However, not all establishments… Continue reading HS&Co.


Halal Chronicles Travel Blog

We love travelling as much as we enjoy food and it was therefore only natural that we took Halal Chronicles to the next stage and chronicled our travel journey and thus Halal Chronicles Travel Blog was created. We have been fortunate enough to have travelled to over 50 destinations between us over the last few… Continue reading Halal Chronicles Travel Blog

Contemporary Indian · Fine Dining · Indian

Benares Restaurant & Bar

London is renowned for being one of the most diverse and exciting restaurant capitals in the world, with new and electrifying food trends continuously taking the city by storm, culinary hotspots in areas that were once not notable for good cuisine and of course celebrity chefs. With such an abundance of choice, one restaurant still remains a… Continue reading Benares Restaurant & Bar

Chinese · Noodles · Pan Asian

Tang – London Noodle Bar

The phrase “hidden gem” gets bandied around quite frequently, but it is an idiom that quite literally befits Tang restaurant, which specialises in traditional South East Asian cuisine. Situated near Tottenham Court Road, the venue is so inconspicuous that “Finding Nemo” was a cakewalk in comparison to locating the restaurant. However, when you finally do discover Tang, you will be immersed with… Continue reading Tang – London Noodle Bar


Salaam Namaste

With the welcomed rise in contemporary and street food style hip Indian restaurants, the archetypal curry house is becoming less of an attraction to food adventurers. My personal discontent with clichéd Indian restaurants are that the subtle regional flavours are usually absent, the cuisine is predominantly designed to appease a Western palate, the food is often pre-prepared and the dishes… Continue reading Salaam Namaste

Contemporary Indian

Cinnamon Bazaar

London has a cornucopia of Indian restaurants, from high-end fine dining establishments to archetypal curry houses. However, fine dining restaurants are not always so kind to the wallet and curry houses tend to be quite prosaic. So the recent trend of Indian eateries that are homogenising casual dining with a contemporary approach has been hugely popular and in great demand.… Continue reading Cinnamon Bazaar

Pescatarian · Scandinavian · Seafood


As halal diners, we have a propensity to only eat at restaurants that provide halal meat options and therefore we tend to overlook that London also has an exceptional range of eateries that offer great vegetarian and pescatarian alternatives for halal consumers to enjoy. During our search for non-halal alternatives, which still provide a unique experience for halal diners, we… Continue reading Smaka

Pan Asian


Tootoomoo is a Pan-Asian restaurant, located a stones throw away from Highbury and Islington train station. The venue is vibrant and deliciously eccentric in its decor, as the interior caricaturly depicts the colourful street food markets, hawker stalls and huts of the exotic Far East. The establishment is bijou in size as a result of starting life as… Continue reading Tootoomoo


Prawn Firecracker

A quick and simply Halal Chronicles take on the famous Wagamama’s Prawn Firecracker. Ingredients (serves 2): 50-75g Raw prawns Toasted sesame oil, as required 200ml Sriracha sauce 1-2tsp Garlic puree 1-2tsp Ginger puree 2tbp Soy sauce Salt, as required Coriander for garnishing Black sesame seeds for garnishing Shichimi seasoning for garnishing Cooked Jasmine rice 4 Large… Continue reading Prawn Firecracker

Greek · Street Food

Hungry Donkey

Hungry Donkey is a Greek restaurant specialising in Athenian street food. Located in the heart of the East End, on Petticoat Lane Market, the venue is a modish take on a canteen, with its industrial lighting, wooden tables and chairs, and a clean and almost sanitised ambiance, which is a complete contrast to what you would expect from… Continue reading Hungry Donkey