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Top Indian Restaurants in London

What is better than a “Ruby Murray”? The answer is of course a “posh” curry. The Indian restaurant market has been undergoing a renaissance over the past few years, as more and more eateries are moving away from the archetypal prosaic curry houses and are aspiring towards delivering innovative and high quality dishes in an opulent… Continue reading Top Indian Restaurants in London

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Benares Restaurant & Bar

London is renowned for being one of the most diverse and exciting restaurant capitals in the world, with new and electrifying food trends continuously taking the city by storm, culinary hotspots in areas that were once not notable for good cuisine and of course celebrity chefs. With such an abundance of choice, one restaurant still remains a… Continue reading Benares Restaurant & Bar


Salaam Namaste

With the welcomed rise in contemporary and street food style hip Indian restaurants, the archetypal curry house is becoming less of an attraction to food adventurers. My personal discontent with clichéd Indian restaurants are that the subtle regional flavours are usually absent, the cuisine is predominantly designed to appease a Western palate, the food is often pre-prepared and the dishes… Continue reading Salaam Namaste

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Dum Biryani House

The London food scene has never been as dynamic as it currently is. Not only does London continue to offer an abundance of choice, it also provides a multitude of dining trends. One such trend that continues to captivate diners is the gentrification of rustic and homely dishes into nouvelle cuisine. Dum Biryani House is part of… Continue reading Dum Biryani House

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Ramadan Recipe Series – Indian

This Ramadan Indian recipe series includes: Chicken Lollipops Potato Cutlets Vada Pav Burger   Lollipop Chicken Ingredients (serves a family of 4) 250g Chicken niblets with the bone cleaned ½ tsp Curry powder ½ tsp Coriander powder ½ Chilli powder ½ tsp Fenugreek powder ½ Cumin powder Salt and pepper to taste Oil for deep… Continue reading Ramadan Recipe Series – Indian