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Pan Chai

Even with halal restaurants becoming more prevalent, it can still be difficult to discover halal eateries that offer something a little out of the ordinary, a certain je ne sais quoi that leaves a lasting impression. Executive Head Chef Ian Pengelley, under the direction of acclaimed restaurateur Eddie Lim have strived to achieve this very feat by offering the… Continue reading Pan Chai

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East Street

East Street is a Pan Asian restaurant located near Tottenham Court Road, hidden away in a tranquil side road from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street Shoppers. With its vibrant yellow signage, shining so bright and aptly depicting the “Land of the Rising Sun”. The interior is a fusion of the colourful, vibrant street markets of… Continue reading East Street



Tea time or any general gathering in a South-East Asian household typically comprises of a banquet of Indian snacks such as samosas and chaats, and pretty much anything that is fried and greasy. Of course, it is therefore no surprise that certain health conditions are prevalent in the South-East Asian population. As with all good things… Continue reading Gourmosa

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Chi Kitchen

London’s cosmopolitan population is the reason why it is one of the worlds dining Capital for culinary diversity. For Muslim consumers, the variety of London’s phenomenal food scene has been limited. That is until the past few years, where there has been a surge in the number of new restaurants embracing dietary requirements for Muslim consumers, bringing with… Continue reading Chi Kitchen

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Chiquen, as the name suggests is a restaurant that specialises in chicken dishes; taking inspiration from fowls that are served by street vendors, canteens, grills and shacks from around the world. Their aim is to accentuate the flavour of their poultry by marrying it with their special sauces and marinades. Chiquen is located in the ubiquitous halal Mecca… Continue reading Chiquen

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Chicago, in the year 1971, a small shop called Hindsight, which featured a variety of antiques, including an old cast iron potbelly stove, was opened by Peter Hastings. The young entrepreneur augmented his antiques livelihood by selling submarine sandwiches that were toasted on the aforementioned potbelly stove. News spread and the quirky little outlet slowly turned into a lunchtime hotspot,… Continue reading Potbelly


Gym’s Kitchen

Gym’s Kitchen in Leyton is the UK’s first protein based restaurant. The restaurant brings an innovative take on ‘healthy eating’. Its popularity continues to rise and rightly so as healthy eating is becoming more and more of a focus with the ever increasing rise in obesity. Gym’s Kitchen certainly shows that healthy eating doesn’t need… Continue reading Gym’s Kitchen