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The Mutha Load by Halal Chronicles

We had the honour of being invited by Ma’Plucker to collaborate with them and be involved in the development of a limited edition dish and dessert, which will only be available just for January, called the ‘Mutha Load by Halal Chronicles’ and a ‘Special Sundae’ for dessert. Consisting of fried chicken tenders, cajun sour cream,… Continue reading The Mutha Load by Halal Chronicles

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Asta Luego’s

Asta Luego’s is an American inspired burger diner in North Wembley, with the name appearing to be a play on word for the Spanish phrase “Hasta Luego”, which worryingly  means “bye” but fortunately also means “see you later”, which we presume is the owner’s intention. In terms of the food, no real Spanish influence, so the name is… Continue reading Asta Luego’s

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Chiquen, as the name suggests is a restaurant that specialises in chicken dishes; taking inspiration from fowls that are served by street vendors, canteens, grills and shacks from around the world. Their aim is to accentuate the flavour of their poultry by marrying it with their special sauces and marinades. Chiquen is located in the ubiquitous halal Mecca… Continue reading Chiquen

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The halal gourmet burger revolution exploded onto the scene a few years ago, enamouring a large population of the Muslim community that yearned to enjoy burgers that were prepared fresh, used high quality meats, were epicurean in standard and all served in a comfortable dining environment, thereby liberating us from the confines of processed meat burgers… Continue reading Meatcetera

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Habaneros is a fast food establishment with a Mexican and American diner inspired menu, specialising in burgers and Peri-Peri chicken in Willesden Green, North London. The venue is small, with minimum seating and no toilet facilities, as it is designed as a fast food establishment, rather than a sit down restaurant. The interior is rustic and urban,… Continue reading Habaneros

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Are you feeling peckish? Why don’t you pluck up the courage and try something new? There is a new poultry aficionado in town called Ma’Plucker, a Southern American inspired chicken diner, with a focus on soul food; fittingly nestled on Soho’s Beak Street, how serendipitous is that? The venue exudes retro chic, while being quirky and funky in design.… Continue reading Ma’Plucker

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Chicago, in the year 1971, a small shop called Hindsight, which featured a variety of antiques, including an old cast iron potbelly stove, was opened by Peter Hastings. The young entrepreneur augmented his antiques livelihood by selling submarine sandwiches that were toasted on the aforementioned potbelly stove. News spread and the quirky little outlet slowly turned into a lunchtime hotspot,… Continue reading Potbelly

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Burgista Bro’s

Burgista Bro’s is a halal gourmet burger establishment and a coffee barista. If you’re frenziedly searching the dictionary trying to find the meaning of Burgista, you’ll probably have more success winning the lottery, as the name Burgista is derived from the combination of the words ‘Burger’ and ‘Barista’, which pretty much sets the scene to what to expect when… Continue reading Burgista Bro’s

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Fire Bean Mexican Kitchen

Mini Review Fire Bean Mexican Kitchen is a halal fast food establishment offering archetypal Mexican fare. The venue stands where once Chili Chutney use to domicile. The venue is rudimentary in appearance, with minimal seating space, as the main portion of the business stems from takeaways.   For starters we ordered the Firebean Special Nachos, consisting of… Continue reading Fire Bean Mexican Kitchen

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German Doner Kebab

German Doner Kebab is an international franchise offering a refined take on the humble Doner Kebab. The picture above showcases the ‘Mixed Doner Kebab Sandwich with Extra Meat’, consisting of a mixture of chicken and beef. The positives: the bread was fluffy and warm with a lovely fresh taste. The doner meat was tender and… Continue reading German Doner Kebab