About Us

We are a husband and wife duo, who are passionate about food, let’s be honest, who isn’t. The culinary delights that are available can exceed one’s imagination, yet growing up in London, many moons ago, a variety of halal food simply did not exist, so we had to contend with the same old food, day in and day out.

The halal landscape has dramatically changed in recent years, with greater options becoming available. Nonetheless, finding unconventional halal eateries still proved difficult, so we finally decided to chronicle the evolution of halal food and document our Halal Food Journey.

Our objective is to raise awareness in the Muslim community of the diverse halal options that are now available to Muslim consumers. Our ambition is to showcase the most interesting, unusual, unique halal establishments and cuisines in and around London for all us food connoisseurs.

“Follow Our Halal Food Journey and see where it takes you.”

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Best burger I’ve had!! I come all the way from South London just to eat there, if you haven’t been then get there ASAP won’t be disappointed


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