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Mayfair Kitchen, Leicester Square Kitchen & Monmouth Kitchen


The Westend and Mayfair are as iconic to London as Time Square is to New York, as the areas are renowned for being cultural hubs, entertainment epicentres and internationally famed for its culinary diversity and prominence.

The Restaurants

Three noteworthy restaurants that you have to visit are Mayfair Kitchen, Leicester Square Kitchen & Monmouth Kitchen, who are all part of the luxury Edwardian Hotels London group. The venues are uber trendy and modern, and are great options if you’re looking to impress someone or if you just want to pamper your palate with some exquisite cuisine from around the world.

Mayfair Kitchen specialises in Spanish and Italian cuisine, Leicester Square Kitchen in Mexican and Peruvian and Monmouth Kitchen offers Italian and Peruvian fare.

Mayfair Kitchen
Leicester Square Kitchen
Monmouth Kitchen


A select number of items are Halal in each restaurant. Staff are extremely knowledgeable, so they can assist. The restaurants also confirmed that there is no cross contamination.

Expect a kaleidoscope of flavours, from spicy, citrusy, sweet to savoury, which will all make your taste buds dance with delight.

One stunning dish that can be found in all three restaurants are these Lamb Cutlets, that were served on a hot rock plate. They were sumptuously succulent, juicy and zesty, which also had a touch of spice, that caresses the palate with a glorious subtle heat. These Lamb Cutlets are what dreams are made of.

Mayfair Kitchen
Leicester Square Kitchen
Monmouth Kitchen

Here are just some other dishes that are a must try:

Mayfair Kitchen: “Lobster Risotto”

Deliciously creamy, moreish risotto with sweet, sumptuous lobster. This is a magnificent dish.

Mayfair Kitchen: “Smoked BBQ Chicken Pizza”

Light, fluffy pizza dough, with succulent pieces of seasoned chicken, coated in gorgeous BBQ sauce, with a hint of heat from the green chillies to cut through the sweetness; so good.

Leicester Square Kitchen: “Crispy Tiger Prawns”

Delectably luscious meaty prawns, incased in a light crispy batter. Once you have one, you just can’t stop.

Monmouth Kitchen: “Lobster Ceviche”

If you want to try a true Peruvian dish then a ceviche is a must. Zesty, citrusy, acidic ceviche sauce combined with mouth-watering, sweet lobster.

Monmouth Kitchen: “Chicken Lollipops”

The chicken was lightly crispy on the outside, and juicy and moist in the inside, with a deliciously addictive flavour.


All three restaurants offer a sybaritic dining experience, with a range of varied options that will please even the most fastidious of diners.

So if you want a culinary adventure, in a hip and trendy setting, in the middle of the famous West End or affluent Mayfair then you have to give these restaurants a try.


Mayfair Kitchen
Address: Stratton Street, London, W1J 8LT
Leicester Square Kitchen
Address: 31-36 Leicester Square, London, W1J 8LT
Monmouth Kitchen
Address: 20 Mercer Street, London, WC2H 9HD

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