One of the things we most loved about Toronto was that it embraces its diversity. With so many nationalities living in Toronto, it was no surprise its food scene was just as diverse with plenty of halal dining choices for Muslim travellers. Furthermore, the city boasts countless activities for families with young children, making it a perfect destination to enjoy your next family city break.

Top Things To Do;

  1. Toronto Islands – Everything from an amusement park with rides for all ages, cable chair, beach and a splash park; Toronto Island is the perfect place to keep little ones entertained. To get to Toronto Island, you’ll need to take a ferry which costs approximately 7CAD and takes around 15mins. You’ll get to take in incredible views of Toronto’s skyline
  2. Ripley’s Aquarium – Possibly the best Aquarium we’ve visited globally
  3. CN Tower –There’s no better place to view Toronto’s skyline that at the top of Canada’s tallest structure. The views were spectacular
  4. Yonge-Dundas Square – The heart and soul of Toronto
  5. Science Museum
  6. Royal Ontario Museum
  7. Niagara Falls – A trip to Canada won’t be complete without seeing one of the natural wonders of the world; Niagara Falls. It was breath-taking! You can book a day tour through your hotel. We would highly recommend including the boat ride. The tour includes free time to explore the falls and the surrounding area which has an amusement park with countless activities for kids. We booked with City Sightseeing through our hotel concierge. The price is approx. £100-150 per person
  8. Niagara On The Lake – This was one of the highlights of our trip to Canada. This is included in your day tour to Niagara Falls. Niagara on the lake is a beautiful, scenic town and as the name suggests; on the lake. From stunning views over the lake, boutique shopping and water activities; Niagara on the lake is everything you imagine Canada to be. If you have time, we would recommend spending a full day here.
  9. Toronto Zoo – Approx. 1hr by car or 2hrs by public transport
  10. Casa Loma – Historical building
  11. Rogers Centre
  12. Kensington Market – Think Brick Lane; trendy cafes and hipster restaurants with plenty of halal dinning choices
  13. China Town – Just as its name suggest, you’ll find truly authentic Chinese restaurants since a large percentage of Toronto’s population is Cantonese
  14. If you have a car we would recommend visiting Mississauga where you’ll find a whole host of halal dining spots.


View from Toronto Island

Casa Loma
Casa Loma
Downtown Toronto
Niagara Falls
Dundas Square

Places to Eat;

Toronto’s Halal food scene might not be as diverse as London’s but they sure know how to do good food. Here are some of the great places serving halal food;

  • Top Gun Burgers (Augusta Avenue)
  • Ozzy Burgers (Kensington Market)
  • Burgernator (Augusta Avenue)
  • Halal Guys ( Yonge Street )
  • Dundas Square – Various food trucks serving halal food
  • Paramount Lebanese Restaurant (Multiple locations)
  • Bombay Street Food (Bay Street)
  • Sukho Thai – One of the best Thai food we’ve eaten  (multiple locations)
  • Cluckcluck – Home to the Twaco; waffle and taco hybrid (Queen Street)
  • Dirty Bird – Best chicken and waffles in Toronto (Kensington Market)
  • Seven Lives – Incredible seafood tacos (Kensington Market) NO HALAL MEAT


TopGun Burgers – Kensington Market
TopGun Burgers
Check out this beast – TopGun Burgers
The best place for bubble tea!
Burgernator – Kensington Market
Ozzy Burgers – Kensington Market
Food truck – Dundas Square
Food truck – Dundas Square

The best Thai meal we’ve enjoyed!
Kensington Market – Delicious tacos!
The Twaco from Cluck Clucks
Bombay Street Food
Epic cheese pull – Paramount Lebanese

Dirty Birds



Torontonian’s also know how to do good sweet treats:

  • Uncle Tetsu – Epic soufflé cheesecake (multiple location)
  • Hanabusa Café – Authentic Japanese soufflé pancakes (Kensington Market)
  • Dipped doughnuts – Delicious and unique flavour combinations (Kensington Market)
  • Bake Island – Delicious Taiwanese cakes (Yonge Street)
  • Eggspectation (Bay Street)
  • Pancho’s Bakery – Home of Brazilian churros and churro cones (Kensington Market)

Japanese Soufflé Pancakes!

The best dessert you’ll ever try – Japanese soufflé cheesecake!

Hints and tips:

  • City Pass – Covers 5 attractions and worth buying if you plan to visit at least 3 of Toronto’s attractions (CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium, Casa Loma and either Toronto Zoo or Science Museum. Both the Zoo and Science Museum will take approximately 2-2.5hrs to get to via public transport. Unless you have a car, we wouldn’t recommend the Science museum with young kids as it is challenging to get by public transport
  • Toronto’s subway is easy to use and the cheapest mode of transport to get your way around Toronto
  • Book Niagara Falls through your hotel as the prices at the tourist office is the same
  • If possible, spend a night in Niagara as the tour is quite rushed and you don’t get to see Niagara Falls lit up at night
  • Canada is cold for 10 months of the year. The best time to travel is July to September
  • UK Citizens with a British passport don’t require a visa but travel authorisation is required and should be applied for prior to your trip
  • Eating out doesn’t have to be expensive, there are plenty of good quality restaurants and food trucks for all budgets
  • Consider hiring a car if you want to travel outside of downtown Toronto, especially to some of the more rural places



Toronto is a wonderful city that pretty much had all of the right ingredients for a wonderful holiday. It is extremely family friendly with plenty of activities and sites to keep everyone happy and it is a safe and tolerant country.

If there is one thing Canada could teach the Western world it is that diversity enriches us all!


2 thoughts on “Toronto

  1. Wow. Looks like you had a great time in toronto. Its one of my favorite cities to visit (i am biased as it was my hometown for a long time) Your list focused heavily on the downtown area of toronto which is great for a lot of first time visitors. The suburbs outside the toronto core also have a lot to offer in terms of halal options. One of my favorites is kara mia, a halal italian fine dining spot. Thanks for the great post.


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