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The Rib Room Bar and Restaurant

The Steaks have definitely been raised!

I have lived in London my entire life, yet this wonderful city never ceases to amaze me.

Just when you think you have seen all that London has to offer, I can guarantee you that you will come across something so magnificent that it will make you giddy as a school kid.

One such wonderments that London has to offer is The Rib Room restaurant, which is housed inside the luxurious 5 star hotel, the Jumeirah Carlton Tower, located in the heart of affluent Knightsbridge.

Halal meat has to be pre-ordered.



Why should you visit The Rib Room? Because it raises the “steaks” for British cuisine.

The Rib Room has a number of signature dishes, but it would be a “missed steak” to not order their premium steaks.

I was straight away enamoured by the prospect of trying the Hereford Fillet. As the steak arrived, I was immediately captivated by the ravishing aroma of the chargrilled, smokey steak. The meat was succulent, tender and velvety smooth in texture. The natural umami flavour of the fillet delivered jubilation to my palate with each delicious bite.

Hereford Fillet - Top Bite at The Rib Room Bar & Restaurant London

For dessert, the Clementine Bakewell Tart was undoubtedly a pleasant treat, but not as decedent in flavour as we would have liked. Same also applies for the Dark Chocolate Mousse. Once again a very amiable dessert, but lacked that richness that I usually crave from my sweet indulgences.


I do recommend checking out The Rib Room Bar and Restaurant, as it is perfect for a special occasion or for a spot of salubrious dining.


The Rib Room Bar and Restaurant
Address: Jumeirah Carlton Tower, Cadogan Pl, Belgravia, London SW1X 9PY



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