Hankies Cooking Masterclass

Chef Ani Arora, founder of Hankies Marble Arch hosted a fabulous Indian Winter Warmers Masterclass that truly inspired me to experiment in the kitchen.

The star of the show was an almost 1kg Bone in Tomahawk and to watch this beauty being made was an absolute delight.

Ever tried masala potato stuffed in a purple cauliflower and drizzled in a cheese sauce? You’re probably thinking how do you stuff a cauliflower, well Chef Ani Arora’s take on the humble cauliflower was incredible and we’re excited to share the recipe with you.

The private Masterclass was so much fun and definitely one of the better Masterclass’ I’ve had the privilege to attend. Being of a South-Asian background and regularly cooking Indian food, little did I know I had much to learn.

The Winter Warmers menu will be available from October-18 as part of Hankies Marble Arch party menu (NB: Not all items are halal, please ask before booking).

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