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Bird of Smithfield


If you’re looking for an uber trendy place to hangout in London, then look no further than the fashionable and chic destination of Farringdon, which boasts some of the best foodie spots in the city. From specialist coffee shops, indulgent brunch venues to exquisite fine dining; the choices are temptingly varied.


One such great spot to feed your hunger and your senses is Bird of Smithfield, which is a grandiose and elegant five storey Georgian Townhouse. Each floor has its own distinctive ambiance, which will make you feel as though you are at a totally different venue.


The restaurant, located on the first floor, offers a sophisticated, yet relaxed dining experience and presents classic British dishes, combined with a Parisian flair, thanks to Head Chef Tommy Boland, who has crafted his skills by working in and for some notable Michelin restaurants and chefs.


Please note there are no Halal meat options, however the menu offers vegetarian and pescatarian choices.


To begin with we were presented with warm sourdough bread, which was accompanied by unsalted and seaweed butter. The butter was something truly ingenious as the texture was velvety smooth like whipping cream; our senses simply could not comprehend that this was butter. – Recommended


The “Isle of Orkney Scallops” were one of the best scallop dishes I’ve ever tasted. With texturally perfect and opulently plump scallops, sweet, smokey caramelised kibbled onions and silky, sumptuously creamy cauliflower puree. Each bite drew my taste buds closer to paradise. – Highly Recommended

” Isle of Orkney Scallops” – £16.50


For mains I had the “Pan Fried Sea Bream”, which once again was an outstanding dish. The sea bream had a deliciously salty crispy skin and the fillet was meaty and soft. The dish was seasoned exceptionally well and each mouthful provided a burst of glorious flavour. – Highly Recommended

“Pan Fried Sea Bream” – £22.00


Being such a passionate foodie, I have experienced a multitude of dishes in my lifetime, but I have surprisingly never tried an authentic Soufflé, so I was beyond excited to finally try it.

The “Rhubarb Soufflé” was delectable. The dessert had a subtle wonderful egg flavour, with a light and airy cloud like texture along with a moist centre. The flavour of the rhubarb was too subdued for my palate, plus I would have preferred the custard ice cream to be presented separately so I could enjoy the Soufflé just on its own. Nonetheless, I still thoroughly enjoyed my first Soufflé experience. – Recommended

“Rhubarb Souffle” – £8.00


Bird of Smithfield has everything you desire for an excellent dining experience; great location, opulent venue and mesmerising food.

For a Halal diner, if you can abstain from wanting meat, then Bird of Smithfield will take you on a journey of amazing vegetarian and pescaterian British cuisine that will astound and awe you with delight.

Bird of Smithfield
Address: 26 Smithfield Street, London, EC1A 9LB

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