The World’s End Market


Does The World’s End Market restaurant truly offer the world’s best steak?

Well, according to a Netflix Documentary called “Steak Revolution”, acclaimed meat connoisseur José Gordon’s offering of proteins was awarded the World’s Best Meat and The World’s End Market is the only restaurant in the UK who have exclusivity to sell José Gordon’s meats.

José Gordon is the owner of El Capricho, which is a restaurant and farm in Spain. He is a chef and farmer, who rears his own cattle. Unlike most farmers, he doesn’t slaughter the animals when they are young. Instead, he lets them roam free in his fields for up to 15 years. José’s cattle are well renowned to receive the best treatment possible.


Located in the affluent area of Chelsea on the famous King’s Road, The World’s End Market restaurant is housed in a Grade 2 listed building. The venue exudes the ambiance of a smart bistro, with the aesthetics of a 1930’s canteen. There are 3 levels to this grandiose building and each level offers it’s own unique character.

The restaurant has confirmed that the José Gordon set menu is Halal, and they can provide the Halal certificate upon request. They also confirmed that they work meticulously to ensure there is no cross contamination.



For starters we experienced some unusual and exciting dishes. The thinly sliced meat is “Ox Tongue” that has been slow cooked for 72 hours and then charcoal grilled and served with mini gherkins and toasted bread crisps. In all honesty, we were apprehensive to try it but it was amazing. The “Steak Tartar” was simply divine, seasoned impeccably and bursting with flavour. – Recommended



The “Premium Ox Fillet” steak arrived with a hypnotising aroma and had a smokey, caramelised char, with a hint of crispness, whilst being simply seasoned. The steak was recommended to us to be prepared rare, which I nervously agreed to. I’m adventurous, but even I’m not keen on having my steak over flowing with myoglobin juices (this is sometimes mistaken for blood). However, the steak was effervescently juicy, without being watery or chewy. That was due to the meat being dry-aged, which allowed it to remain succulent and flavoursome. – Recommended



The “Premium Ox Burger” was sensational. Matured for 100 days and prepared medium, it was undoubtedly the best burger I have tried in a while. The magnificently sweet onion jam along with the smoky Applewood cheese was stunning. – Highly Recommended



The “Duo of Chocolate Mousse” was pure decadence and the dark chocolate sauce was extremely rich. – Recommended


The “Hazelnut & Caramel Cheesecake” was delicious and surprisingly not too sweet. – Recommended



The World’s End Market, without-a-question delivers a unique dining experience for the Halal community, due to the cuts, calibre and quality of meats that is on offer.

So if you are feeling adventurous and want to try some really exotic proteins, then you are in for a treat at The World’s End Market.


The World’s End Market
Address: 459 King’s Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0LR




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