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The Mutha Load by Halal Chronicles

We had the honour of being invited by Ma’Plucker to collaborate with them and be involved in the development of a limited edition dish and dessert, which will only be available just for January, called the ‘Mutha Load by Halal Chronicles’ and a ‘Special Sundae’ for dessert.


Consisting of fried chicken tenders, cajun sour cream, guacamole, tabasco sauce, cherry tomato salsa and blue corn nachos. This truly epitomises comfort food; no dieting here, and great for sharing.

Our own creation is the ‘Special Sundae’. I love peanut butter, caramel and Reese’s Pieces Cups, so I thought why not put them all together? I was ecstatic to see my creation come to life. This is pure pleasure in a glass.


So head down to Ma’Plucker’s this January and share the load with the ‘Mutha Load by Halal Chronicles’ and of course the most delicious Sundae you could think of.


Address: 75 Beak Street, London, W1F 9SS

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