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The Baluchi at The Lalit Hotel


A few years ago, if anyone was to suggest “going for an Indian”, I would literally scream like a Banshee in objection.

Back then, the quality and standard offered by a majority of the archetypal curry houses were as good as the singing ability of the Ginger one from the Spice Girls.

However, recently I am more than likely to whoop with delight at going to an Indian restaurant. This is because there is a current trend that is seeing a gradual influx of high quality restaurants from India’s up-market hotels coming to London, delivering flavour combinations that are innovative, exciting, contemporary yet true to their culinary roots.

The Restaurant 

One such restaurant is The Baluchi, which opened its doors in London only a year ago in the luxury hotel The Lalit in London Bridge.



The restaurant is set in the Victorian era Grade II listed former St. Olave’s Grammar School’s Assembly Hall. The whole restaurant and hotel has a school theme running through it. For Hogwarts fans, this place is paradise.

The decor and architecture of the dining hall is mesmerising and is undoubtedly one of the most visually magnificent restaurants we’ve had the pleasure of dining at.





These are not on their menu, but their talented mixologist was able to create the drinks based on our preference and they were stupendous.


The chicken and lamb is halal, with every care taken to ensure there is no cross contamination.


Textually perfect scollops, and bursting with delicious Kashmiri spices. Please note that the dish comes with a gin foam, which we asked for it to be removed. – Highly Recommended

Panch Pohran Mahi Tikka £17.00

Tikka spiced monkfish that was simply astounding. – High Recommended


Front: “Lamb Chops – £21:50″; Back: “Lamb Shank K Gush Taba – £22.50”

The lamb chops were divine in texture and taste. – Recommended

The Lamb Shank was one of the best I tasted, as it did not have that strong gamey flavour that I dislike. Furthermore the meat melted off the bone like butter, truly exquisite. – Recommended


Paan Ki Kulfi £8.00
Desi Cheese Cake £8.00

These were some of the most creative Indian desserts we’ve ever tasted. You will be pleasantly shocked by the taste. – Recommended


The Baluchi restaurant is one of those rare finds that makes London great.

The ambiance, the decor, the location and the food makes The Baluchi at The Lalit hotel a perfect option for a special occasion.


Baluchi – Pan Indian Restaurant
The LaLiT London
Address: 181, Tooley Street, London, SE12JR



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