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Fancy Crab


My passion for food can be an obsession at times because even when I’m driving or walking to somewhere, I’m always subconsciously on the lookout for new and interesting restaurants. There have been many an occasion where I have just missed walking into a lamp post (and times, embarrassingly when I haven’t), or narrowly avoided running over a pedestrian or three. But it is this passion that has allowed me to find some phenomenal eateries in London, and one such recent gems is the newly opened Fancy Crab.

The Restaurant

Located a stones throw away from Bond Street station, the venue is decadently opulent and grand in its size and decor; it has to be, right? It is called “Fancy” after all. And as the name also states, it specialises in high-end seafood, notably the Red King Crab.

During our visit, there were no halal meat options, however, the restaurant has confirmed they will be sourcing halal chicken and steak very soon.

Red King Crab


When eating seafood, I can’t help but be a little shellfish, however, I didn’t want the other half getting crabby with me, so we decided to select a range of starters as we began our ocean odyssey.

“Guacamole plus Crab” was visually theatrical as the dish was prepared in front of us. However, the entertainment did not end there, as we then experienced a symphony of flavours. Smooth, buttery texture of the guacamole, tanginess from the lime, acidity from the red onion, hint of glorious heat from the Tabasco sauce and the sumptuous sweetness from the crab. Only improvement would be to add more crab to the dish. Price: £6.50 (+£5.00 for Crab) – Recommended

“Guacamole plus Crab”

Next up was the “Crispy King Crab Bites”, which should be called heavenly bites, as the luscious mayonnaise covered sumptuous crab, combined with cool, refreshing cucumber and ripe, sweet tomato were divine. Price: £6.50 – Recommended

Crispy King Crab Bites

Finally it was the “Burrata served with Hetitage English Tomato plus Crab”. The burrata, on the outside had a firm mozzarella texture, but the inside was filled with soft curd and fresh cream, giving it a milky, buttery flavour that was rich without being too indulgent. The acidic vinaigrette combined with the fragrant and sweet tomato, and the saccharin, malty taste of the crab harmonised together to deliver a euphoric furore. Price: £11.00 (+£5.00 for Crab) – Recommended

Burrata served with Heritage English Tomato plus Crab


For mains the allure of the “Singapore Chilli Crab” was too tempting to resist. The fresh, succulent and tender crab was texturally perfect. The sauce was creamy and sweet, with a hint of heat that caressed the palate so to countervail the dulcet notes of the dish. Overall, a well balanced and well executed dish that brought jubilation to the taste buds. Price: £23.50 – Highly Recommended

Singapore Chilli Crab

A burger is no ordinary burger at Fancy Crab; you’ve guessed it, their version is a little bit fancy. The “Fancy King Crab Burger with Potato Fries & Coleslaw” was decadence embraced between two warmly toasted buttery brioche buns. The spectrum of flavours were gloriously sublime, plus unlike a beef burger, the crab burger was effervescently light, so therefore you are not afflicted with that uncomfortable bloated feeling. Another stupendous dish. Price: £23.00 – Recommended

Fancy Crab Burger with Potato Fries & Coleslaw


To conclude our food; to say no to dessert would be just rude, so we opted for the “Chocolate Fondant with House made Salted Caramel Ice Cream”. The fondant had a delightfully baked crust, with a rich, gooey, velvety chocolate middle. However, the surprising superhero of the dish was the salted caramel ice cream, which was quite literally spectacular. Price: £6.00 – Recommended



Fancy Crab received some negative reviews when they first opened, just one month ago. As with a majority of new openings, restaurants are afflicted with a number of teething issues. However, it was clear from our visit that Fancy Crab has listened to their diners and has attempted to ameliorate some concerns, as the majority of the dishes we tried made our palates sing with delight. Even though Fancy Crab have reduced their prices, by no means are they cheap. But for a fine dining establishment serving high-end quality ingredients, they are actually on par with their peers.

So if you are looking for a fancy dining experience, with some exotic dishes, Fancy Crab is a must try.

Fancy Crab
Address: 92 Wigmore St, London, W1U 3RD


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