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Chriskitch is the brainchild and second restaurant of Australian chef Christian Honor, whose career of over 20 years has seen him work with a deluge of world class chefs, such as Gordon Ramsey. Chef Chris has also worked in some of the world’s most illustrious establishments, from Burj Al Arab to the Dorchester. It is safe to say that Chris Honor knows a thing or two about good food.

About The Restaurant

The dishes on offer have multinational influences, as a result of chef Chris’s travels. The cuisine is a fusion of contemporary, fine dining and comfort food that are visually striking and piquantly theatrical.

Located in uber trendy Hoxton, a Mecca for trend setting foodie outlets; the venue is chic and elegant, with a modish, hip and urban feel to it.

The chicken and lamb are halal, as confirmed by the restaurant. Preparations are done on different work stations to avoid cross contamination. They can also source other halal meats if notice is provided.



We began our meal with the “BBQ venison, roasted endive, pomegranate, blue cheese & sumac dressing”. We pre-ordered the venison. To my palate, this was a superlative dish. The venison was prepared well-done, with a sweet glaze and smokey charred outer layer. The sweetness from the jus and pomegranate was suitably countervailed by the mellow blue cheese and vibrant Moroccan spices. The textures and flavours were exceptionally balanced to deliver a gastronomically delightful experience. My only critique is that I would have preferred the venison to have been prepared medium rare. – Highly Recommended

“BBQ Venison” – £8.95

The next starter was the “Broccoli & green pea mousse with goats’ cheese, soft poached egg & durum crisp bread”. This dish is for all you health aficionados. The entire dish was light and fresh. Personally, I would have liked more seasoning and the goat cheese was lost to my palate. Overall, I believe this was a creative dish, but certain elements just did not deliver bold enough flavours to appease my taste buds. – Worth a Try

“Broccoli & Green Pea Mousse” – £7.45


For mains we opted for the “Flame-grilled chicken breast, green sweet chili, Chriskitch jerk seasoning with a sweet potato, caramel & cardamom marmalade”. The chicken was luxuriously soft and succulent, with a mild jerk marinade, which provided flavours of ginger and curry paste that were balanced with the velvety smooth sweet potato mash, which was simply divine. The dish had a number of subtle flavours; sweet to savoury, which homogenised together to deliver satisfaction. – Recommended 

“Flamed-Grilled Chicken Breast” – £17.95

The other main we tried was the “Baked Arabic lamb hotpot, tahini, smoked aubergine & feta with a mint salad”. The dish arrived pipping hot in a clay pot. Once again, the dish had a number of flavour combinations that were piquantly dazzling. There was sweetness from the carrots and raisins, roasted smokiness from the potatoes and aubergine, and rich umami flavours from the gloriously tender and moist lamb. The flavours were further accentuated by the zesty, tangy, minty, crunchy feta salad, which provided a lightness to the moreishly comforting hotpot. – Highly Recommended 

“Baked Arabic Lamb Hotpot” – £19.80


To end our culinary journey of cuisines from around the world, for dessert we chose the “Chocolate soft centre pudding with salted caramel fudge”. This was an exquisite dessert. The pudding was light and fluffy, with a warm and gooey centre, which was decadently rich. The vanilla ice cream was silky smooth, the caramel fudge was magnificently sweet and the dark chocolate was slightly bitter, thus providing juxtaposing flavours. Once again, a remarkably well balanced dish. – High Recommended 

“Chocolate Pudding” – £7.50


Chriskitch offers a culinary adventure of flavours from around the globe. The presentation of the dishes and the quality of ingredients are on par with a majority of fine dining establishments, but offered at a reasonable price, in terms of quality to cost ratio.

As with all restaurants, there were elements that did not deliver to my preference, but that still did not diminish my overall enjoyment.

So if you are seeking a unique halal dining experience with intricate balance of flavours that will tease your taste buds, then be sure to give Chriskitch a try.

Address: 5 Hoxton Market (between Coronet and Boot Street), London, N1 6HG

*Disclaimer: We were invited to review the restaurant

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