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About The Restaurant

Lotus is a fine-dining restaurant headed up by Bashkar Banerjee, who has been associated with a number of award winning restaurant brands, and a team of Chefs who have worked at some of the finest hotels in India. Named after India’s national flower, Lotus is a blossoming flower blooming in the heart of the urban jungle of Leicester Square.

The restaurant is elegantly decorated, with soft grey upholstery and mirrored surfaces that provides a refined and modern feel.


All meat served at Lotus is halal with the exception of partridge and pigeon.


Our meal began with “Corn Chaat Golgappa”, which are a staple of Indian street food. These crispy corn shells filled with chickpea and drizzled with a mild jaljeera and tamarind chutney were a light introduction to our Lotus experience and although standard in flavour, it is too addictive to stop at one. – Recommended

Next was the “Rattes, Chickpea, Sev and Yoghurt Chaat” were filled with crispy potato discs that were crunchy and of a dehydrated texture, which complimented perfectly against the tangy, minty and slightly spicy chutney and the creamy, cooling yoghurt. Overall a refined take on a classic Indian street snack. – Highly Recommended

Bottom & Top: “Corn Chatt Golgappa” – £3.95; Middle: “Rattes, Chickpea, Sev, & Yogart Chaat” – £5.95

The “Salmon Queenies, Duck Egg and Peanut Relish Lentil wrap”. The lentil wrap was essentially a dosa, light and airy with a slightly firmer pancake like texture, enveloping the salmon and egg filling. The salmon was of a good quality and not overpowering, whilst the duck egg was soft and creamy. Although the flavours were mild, the salmon and egg combination in a lentil wrap was a combination that worked well. – Worth a Try

The “Spiced Venison, Liver and Lamb Brain” is one for all you halal food adventurers. It delivered gamey, moreish and umami flavours. – Recommended

Left: “Salmon, Queenies, Duck Egg & Peanut Butter Relish Lentil Wrap” – £9.95; Right: “Spiced Venison, Liver & Lamb Brain” – £10.25

From the “Kebab” section we tried the “Lamb Chops and Rump”, which were marinated in raw papaya; tenderising the meat, thus giving the chops and rump a butter like texture. Both the lamb and rump were succulent, flavoursome and slightly citrusy, whilst generously coated in spices with the strong flavours of the tandoor coming through. – Highly Recommended

“Lamb Chops & Rump” – £20.75

The “Paneer Tikka” arrived with a hollow centre filled with a coconut and spinach combination that was deliciously creamy and sat on a bed of ghee infused potatoes. The paneer was cooked perfectly, not dry or rubbery in texture. – Highly Recommended

“Paneer Tikka” – £9.95

The “Duck Seekh” is a version of kebab you do not come across often in London, so we were eager to give it a try. Duck being a gamey and dry meat, can be difficult to prepare. The duck seekh included peppers, onions and rich spices and whilst texturally the duck sheekhs were soft and succulent, the duck was overpowered by the prominent flavour of black cloves, which slightly diminished the taste. However, the clove taste was masked by dipping into the sharp, zesty orange date and chilli dip. Worth a Try

“Duck Seekh” £15.75


For mains we tried the “24 Karat Lamb Shank Korma”, which looked dazzling with a leaf of edible gold vibrantly coating one side of the lamb shank. The lamb shank was prepared perfectly, melting off the bone effortlessly and one of the best prepared lamb shanks we have tried. The sauce had distinct hyderabadi flavours; aromatic, creamy and mildly spiced, complimenting the meaty lamb shank. Recommended

“24 Karat Gold Lamb Shanks Khorma” – £23.75

The “Lobster Tails and Scallops” was sat on a bed of coconut and curry leave sauce. The lobster tail was meaty and although good, it did require a touch more seasoning, whilst the scallop was prepared well. The coconut and curry leaf flavour was mild and whilst the dish was satisfying, it could benefit from a slight injection of more spice to lift it from ordinary to extraordinary. Worth A Try

“Lobster Tail & Scallops” – £25.75


For sides we tried “Mirch aur Baigan Ka Salaan”, “Asparagus and Sugar Snap Poriyal” and “Palak Pudhina Paneers” with “Saffron and Green Chilli Pilau” and “Black Lentils”. The black lentils were a surprise hit, deliciously buttery and mild, as you would expect of daal. The Asparagus and sugar snap poriyal was coated in grated coconut, which added texture and an additional taste dimension. The mirch aur baigan ka salaam was stuffed chilli and baby aubergine dosed in a delicious creamy peanut sauce. The pilau was prepared well and although good was a little too standard for our palette. – Recommended


For dessert we tried the “Sandal Wood, Rose Srikhand with Dumroot Halwa” and “Almond Kheer, Dates and Stewed Apricots”. Of the two desserts we enjoyed the halwa. With its unusually pink appearance, the halwa was creamy, yoghurty and perfumy in taste, whilst the sweetness of the dessert was well balanced, which also doubled up as a palette cleanser. Worth a Try.

Top: “Almond Kheer & Stewed Apricots” – £6.95; Bottom: “Sandalwood, Rose Srikhand with Dumroot Halwa” – £6.95


Lotus offers an epicurean dining experience that encapsulates the regional diversity of India’s rich gastronomy; offering modern, fresh flavours whilst remaining true to its routes. The restaurant’s modern approach to traditional classics paired with unique halal meats makes Lotus a must visit for all halal food adventurers.

Address: 17 Charing Cross, London, WC2H 0EP

*Disclaimer: We were invited to review the restaurant

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