Pan Asian


Tootoomoo is a Pan-Asian restaurant, located a stones throw away from Highbury and Islington train station. The venue is vibrant and deliciously eccentric in its decor, as the interior caricaturly depicts the colourful street food markets, hawker stalls and huts of the exotic Far East.

The establishment is bijou in size as a result of starting life as a takeaway and then evolving into a restaurant, which can accommodate up to 24 covers. However, Tootoomoo restaurants are located in a number of other locations that provide a much more spacious offering.


The menu is in line with the current trend of small eats, tapas style dishes, which is designed  for sharing.

Please note that only a handful of chicken dishes are halal. Please confirm with the restaurant so to avoid any concerns.

We began our meal from the “Plates” section where we ordered the “Shichimi Squid”, which consisted of Japanese pepper & sweet chilli. The seasoning from the Japanese pepper was bold and well balanced, the squid was firm but not rubbery and the batter was light and crispy. Overall a superlative dish. – Recommended


From the “Sashimi & Salads” portion of the menu, we opted for the “Hamachi Sashimi (yellow tail)”, which was presented with soy & kizami wasabi. If you find raw fish unpleasant, then this dish can be a challenge, as there is a slight piscine taste. However, if you are a fan, then you will truly appreciate the subtle flavour, delicate texture and vivid colour of the Hamachi. – Worth a Try


The “Seaweed Salad” with black sesame & pepper dressing was a mesmerising dish and took me totally by surprise. The seaweed was sweet, smoky, refreshing and quite simply a joy to devour. – Highly Recommended


From the “Tempura & Grill” section, we were first presented with the “Popcorn Rock Shrimp” with nori dust & yuzu mayo. Whilst the shrimp was cooked well and the batter was light and void of grease, it lacked seasoning, and therefore did not deliver on taste, which left us disappointed. – Not Recommended


“Tiger Prawn Tempura” with nori dust & spicy mayo fared slightly better. The batter was once again delicately light, the prawn was meaty and the spicy mayo left a gentle heat at the back of the throat. However, once again, the level of seasoning could be improved upon. – Worth a Try


The final dish from this section was the “Soft Shell Crab Tempura” with shichimi salt & jalapeño mayo. The coating was thin and crispy and the jalapeño mayo added a herby zing to the dish that was truly gratifying. – Worth a Try


For the mains, from the “Wok” segment of the menu, we opted for “Tiger Prawns Thai Green Curry”, which was an astounding dish. The meaty large prawns were sumptuous to the bite, the Thai curry was aromatically divine, with the prominent flavours of the lemon grass and sweet coconut milk coming through to tantalise the tastebuds. – Highly Recommended

We also ordered the “Chicken Rendang Curry”, which was another sensational dish. The chicken was succulent and moist and the curry was sweet, bold and flavoursome. However, the curry lacked heat, which I would have expected from a rendang. But did that diminish the enjoyment of the dish? Surprisingly not, as the flavours remediated that one slight flaw in the dish. – Highly Recommended


Pan-Asian food is a passion of ours, especially as it allows diners to experience a medley of Far Eastern fare, such as Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese or Thai cuisine from the comfort of one restaurant. Tootoomoo offers this great service, along with delivering unpretentious and authentic regional foods, that are big on flavour but reasonable in price.

*Disclaimer: We were invited to review the restaurant.


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