Greek · Street Food

Hungry Donkey

Hungry Donkey is a Greek restaurant specialising in Athenian street food.

Located in the heart of the East End, on Petticoat Lane Market, the venue is a modish take on a canteen, with its industrial lighting, wooden tables and chairs, and a clean and almost sanitised ambiance, which is a complete contrast to what you would expect from a quintessential Greek taverna.


Please note that only the lamb is halal, which is sourced from a halal certified supplier. The halal lamb is stored and prepared separately, with different work stations and utensils.

To begin our Greek odyssey we ordered a ubiquitous Greek dish, “Tzatziki”, which was cool and creamy accompanied by warm, soft flat bread. – Worth a Try

Next was a dish I had never tried before. “Manouri and Ladotyri Cheeseballs”, which were sensational, especially if you’re a cheese lover like myself. – Recommended


“Papoutsakia” was another dish I’ve not had the pleasure of trying, which was roasted aubergine, fresh tomato sauce & feta. This was a pleasant dish, and tasted very much like a margarita pizza. However, the aubergine skin was grilled, so it had become slightly tough. – Worth a Try


Finally we had the “Soutzoukakia”, which were really tender meatballs that were prepared immaculately in tomato sauce. The dish was seasoned well to satisfy the Greek palate, but for me I would have preferred some spice and a little bit of heat to make the flavours more prodigious. – Worth a Try


For mains we had the skewered “Lamb with Hand-Cut Chips”. The lamb was prepared well-done, so certain segments were unfortunately slightly tough and chewy. However, the flavours were stupendous, as it had a smokey chargrilled flavour, which was further enhanced due to the rosemary, sage and paprika marinade. Piquantly the dish was impressive, but visually and texturally the dish required development. – Recommended


We also had the “Mushroom and Halloumi Pita Burger”, which took me by surprise by how  sensational it was. The pita bun was soft, buttery and wholesome. The burger was sumptuously sweet from the soft peppers and roasted pepper dressing. The mushroom provided the meaty texture against the grilled, firm and moderately salty halloumi, which made the burger a joy to devour. – Recommended


To complete our Greek fest, for dessert we were presented with the “Bougatsa”, which was warm semolina custard filo pie with cinnamon. The dessert, personally did not astound me, as I’m not a semolina fan, but I could appreciate how appealing this would be to people who enjoy this type of dessert. – Worth a Try 


Our experience at Hungry Donkey was pleasant, but with scope for improvement. The negatives in our opinion were that the presentation of the dishes were ultra rustic and we believe could do with some refinement. There were a few dishes that did not agree to our palate or were a tad too simple. However, the positives are that there were also dishes that stupefied us at how marvellous they were. For the dishes that they do well, they really do them well.

Hungry Donkey offers good value for money for a hearty meal, in a location where its quite rare to find a Greek restaurant serving up halal dishes that is not typically chicken.

*Disclaimer: We were invited to review the restaurant.

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