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Bó Drake

Bó Drake is a Korean and American fusion restaurant, specialising in East Asian exotic flavours with American inspired slow cooked barbecue dishes. The venue has the allure of a smart, upmarket restaurant but with the atmosphere of a trendy, hipster eatery, which is further enhanced by its Soho location.


The menu is designed to offer tapas style sharing dishes, which exhibits Bo Drake’s concept of offering a blend of classic street food cuisine in a refined and contemporary setting.

Please note that only the chicken is halal. Bó Drake use a halal certified supplier to source their chicken and the poultry is stored and prepared separately.

From the “Smalls” section we first ordered the “Crispy Kimbab”, which consisted of Salmon, Sticky Soy and Kewpee. This was a superlative dish, with its twice cooked fried nori wrap and fresh, tender, supple salmon, juxtaposed with crunchy carrot, all sumptuously smothered in Kewpee elixir, which is a rich, yellow in hue, Japanese mayonnaise. The combination of flavours and textures were devastatingly divine. – Highly Recommended


Next dish was the “Cured Salmon Sashimi”, with Miso, Beetroot and Camomile. The salmon piquancy to our palate was unfortunately lost to the earthy beetroot. It was a pleasant dish, but the flavour combinations were not entirely to our liking. – Technically A Pleasant Dish, But Not To Our Palate


The “Korean Fried Chicken” Wings with Soy Garlic, Grapes and Rosemary, was nothing short of a revelation. The aroma of the dish was mesmerising, as the fragrance from the fried chicken and soy garlic triggered the gustatory cells to salivate with wanton desire. The chicken was tender and moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. The succulent wings were coated in a light batter and twice cooked, thus eradicating any trace of oil or fat. For a dish that conjures up images of unhealthy fast food, the dish delivered wonderful bold, rich flavours while leaving the diner feeling nourished, without the sensation of their arteries clogging up. – Highly Recommended



From the “Meat” section we were served with “Samjang Smoked Chicken” with Brown Butter Mash Potato and Chicken Liver. The prominent flavour emanating from the dish was a smokey taste, which overpowered the subtle samjang sauce, which is meant to be Korean spicy sauce. The mash potato, while prepared perfectly, lacked seasoning. The chicken liver, however was delectable, as it was smooth, moreish and had a bold umami piquancy. Apart from the chicken liver, the individual elements of the dish were unimpressive, but the components combined together provided enough of a taste sensation to make the dish satisfying.  – Worth A Try


We also opted for the “Beets and Burrata”, which consisted of Soy Balsamic and Kimchi Honey from the “Veg” section. The Burrata was stunning, with its creamy mozzarella texture that caressed the mouth to the verge of euphoria. The beets, combined with the tart balsamic, the sweet honey and spicy kimchi made the tastebuds dance with delight. – Highly Recommended


Finally from the “Fish” segment of the menu we were seduced into trying the “Roasted Monkfish” with Swiss Chard and Potato Kimchi Butte. The dish was visually stunning with its vibrant green colour. The monkfish, as expected was prepared perfectly, as it was tender, yet firm to the bite, with a smooth, milky lobster like taste. The other elements of the dish were unfortunately quite underwhelming, as the flavours were not striking nor memorable. – Worth A Try


To end our East meets West odyssey, from the “Sweets” section we ordered the “Lemon Yuzu Tart”. The yuzu is a sour and tart Japanese citrus fruit, very similar to a grapefruit. However, the yuzu tart on this occasion was very mild in flavour, with the pastry being to heavy and firm. The saving grace of the dish was the slightly bitter, yet sweet whipped cream that was luxuriously delicious. – Worth a Try


Bó Drake is a restaurant that we would highly recommend. There were certain dishes, we believe require a little bit more development, as some of the fare that we sampled were on the precipice of being exquisite, but just falling short at the last hurdle. An injection of bold and bountiful authentic Korean flavours are all that is needed to rejuvenate a minority of Bo Drake’s offerings.

Nonetheless, the concept, the uber chic decor, the high quality ingredients, the elegant presentation and some exceptionally spectacular dishes that truly captivate the senses, make Bó Drake a must visit, especially for Halal Adventurers, who are seeking a unique dining experience.

*Disclaimer: We were invited to review the restaurant.

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