Kilikya’s is a Mediterranean restaurant, specialising in classical and modern Turkish  cuisine.

Located in the picturesque and idyllic St Katherine’s Dock, near Tower Bridge and Tower of London, the venue is very reminiscent of a Greek taverna, with its cosy atmosphere and cafe, bistro style design.


The menu is diverse, boasting a large variety of dishes to whet the appetite. For starters from the “Sharing Platter” section we opted for the “Hot Meze Platter”, which contained mucver, sucuk, halloumi & falafel served with humus. Mucver is a Turkish fritter, made from grated courgettes, eggs, onion, dill, cheese and flour. The flavour and texture was sensational and brought euphoria to our tastebuds. Sucuk, which is grilled Turkish beef sausage was another delicious dish, as it exuded bold and bountiful flavours from the very first bite. Certain halloumi can be overtly salty and chalk like in texture, yet this halloumi, imported straight from Cyprus, was texturally and piquantly perfect. The falafel and humus were adequate in taste, but could benefit from more seasoning. – Recommended


For mains from the “Kebab & Grilled” portion of the menu, we ordered the ubiquitous “Mixed Grill” and from the “House Special” section, we chose the “Lamb Shank”.

The Mixed Grill consisted of chargrilled pieces of lamb, chicken, izgara kofte and lamb chop served with rice and mixed salad. The pieces of chargrilled lamb were unfortunately tough and chewy, and lacked seasoning. The chicken, while seasoned well, was regrettably dry. The lamb chops suffered from being over cooked, not sufficiently seasoned and having a greater fat to meat ratio. However, the lamb kofta was sensational. The meat was tender and succulent, with a glorious taste of fresh parsley and allspice seasoning. The rice was also a surprise hit; aromatic, soft, fluffy and flavoursome to boot. – Worth a Try


The Lamb Shank, comprising of a leg of lamb, stewed with seasonal vegetables and served with potato puree, was visually stunning. However, unfortunately the lamb did not melt off the bone as it should have done, as it required more tenderising. The stew, while pleasant, needed more spice to make the flavours more prodigious. But the potato puree was the unexpected unsung hero of the dish, as it was smooth and velvety, and evoked a sensation of cozy comfort on a cold autumnal night. – Worth a Try


A Turkish meal is never complete without succumbing to some Turkish dessert delights. We selected the “Harem’s Baklava”, which was composed of layers of phyllo dough pastry, filled with pistachio and soaked in syrup, served with vanilla ice cream. The baklava was wonderfully warm, sweet and sticky, which was well balanced by the sublime cool, creamy vanilla ice cream, a truly majestic end to our Turkish odyssey. – Recommended


During our visit to Kilikya’s, we were informed that the head chef was not present, and this was clearly highlighted in the food. The junior chef’s efforts were commendable, as  certain elements of the dishes that we tried were divine and made our tastebuds dance with delight, but the dishes still did require amelioration.

Nonetheless, the restaurant is situated in an oasis of opulence, with its amazing views of the marina and luxurious yachts, and that in itself is incentive enough to try Kilikya’s and discover for yourself what hidden food treasures await you.

Disclaimer: We were invited to review the restaurant.

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