The ready meal industry is worth over £2bn a year and whilst there are a handful of halal ready meal brands, there are none that offer healthy, nutritious ingredients without compromising on taste and quality. That is until, Foodery made an appearance.

Foodery is a new chilled halal ready meal brand that not only offers a healthy alternative to the current halal ready meal brands out there but also aims to deliver global cuisines, inspired by their travels around the world.

The brand currently have 3 flavours; Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Moroccan Chicken Tagine and Thai Green Chicken Curry. Each pot contains a generous portion, is packed with super foods and comes in at under 500kcals.


The Jamaican Jerk Chicken pot contains Jerk chicken pieces with rice, kidney beans, green beans, sweet potatoes and pineapple and comes in at just 380kcal. The pineapple was a delightful and exotic addition, with its sharp sweetness contrasting well against the delicious and rustic flavours of the chicken pieces, which were marinated in a dry jerk seasoning. The flavours were inherently Jamaican. However, we would have loved to have seen more pineapple pieces and the scotch bonnet flavour did require to be more bolder and prominent.



The aromas from the Moroccan Chicken Tagine were authentic and what we loved about this pot was the addition of giant cous cous. The whole dish was slightly tangy and zesty, whilst the addition of butternut squash and chopped black olives complimented the giant cous cous texture. We would have loved to have seen more olives; and the chicken did require a larger dose of seasoning, other than that this pot tasted as you would expect of a tagine.



The Thai Green Chicken Curry with rice, green beans, red peppers and baby sweet corn was our favourite of the three. The creamy coconut sauce was rich in ginger and lemongrass flavour and the rice was submerged in the creamy sauce. Although the actual chicken pieces were minimally seasoned, the sauce compensated for that. If you like Thai Green Curry you’ll love this ready meal pot. We would recommend this one.


Within the halal ready meal arena, Foodery is an innovative new brand that has tapped into a gap in the halal ready meal market by offering high quality, healthy and nutritious ready meals with a global cuisine focus. Each pot within the range delivers the flavours you would associate with their respective cuisine; no compromise on taste and authenticity.

Whether you are after something different on your lunch break or need the convenience of preparing a quick evening meal to accommodate your busy lifestyle, Foodery is a brand that finally make ready meals that touch more sexy; instead of a cuisine that is typically deemed bland and indulged upon only for the purpose of expediency. We look forward to seeing what new flavours are introduced in the near future.

Disclaimer: We were sent a selection of Foodery products to review.


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