Tea time or any general gathering in a South-East Asian household typically comprises of a banquet of Indian snacks such as samosas and chaats, and pretty much anything that is fried and greasy. Of course, it is therefore no surprise that certain health conditions are prevalent in the South-East Asian population. As with all good things in life, they come at a price!

Would it not be great to be able to enjoy such snacks without worrying about the ill effect it could have on our health and waist-line, and would it not be superb to be able to enjoy healthier alternatives without compromising on taste? Well, Gourmosa could possibly be the solution.

Gourmosa is an Indian snack brand with a twist. Their ambition is to transform traditional Indian convenience foods into healthier alternatives with their novel baked concept. Their goal is to pack their products with superfoods so to enhance the nutritional value of their products. Their ethos is “to create nourishing, naturally good food without compromising on taste”. The ingredients used have been selected to ensure a healthy balance of protein, fibre, carbohydrates and good fats.

Selection of Gourmosa Products

Gourmosa currently have a total of 12 products which are available in selected Tesco and Asda stores. We sampled the following:

  • Chicken Tikka Samosa
  • Spicy Beef Samosa
  • Chicken Tikka Pie
  • Spicy Beef Pie
  • Three Bean Chaat
  • Chaana Chaat

The Three Bean Chaat is a superfood pot containing unconventional ingredients you typically would not find in traditional chaats. Consisting of kidney beans, butter beans, edamame beans and quinoa, the Three Bean Chaat is packed full of protein. In terms of flavour, there was a strong hint of mint coming through, with tanginess from the tamarind and hint of cumin and caraway seeds caressing the tastebuds towards the end. The flavours complimented the various tastes and textures of the three beans and overall was an East meets West fusion.

The Chana Chaat contained chickpeas, lentils and pomegranate infused with authentic Indian spices. The chaana chaat was our favourite of the two. The flavours were bold, with citrusy sharpness coming through from the lemon juice and promegrante seeds and tanginess from the tamarind sauce with the caraway seeds releasing a moreish piquancy.

The concept of adapting traditional chaats with a fusion of Western ingredients and Asian spices to create healthier alternatives, in our opinion worked but would appeal more to a Western palate.


Gourmosa’s pie products are partially opened puff pastry squares containing either chicken tikka with spinach and quinoa or spicy beef with sweet potato and chia seeds. Both the beef and chicken fillings were unfortunately not spicy enough for our palate. The flaky puff pastry exterior further diffused the already subtle flavours of the filling. Either a richly lubricated filling or a side serving of Indian inspired gravy would help to improve the ratio of the dry components. The concept is good requiring in our opinion minor tweaking as described above, to transform the humble Indian pie into a gastronomic delight.

Picture courtesy of Gourmosa
Picture courtesy of Gourmosa

Gourmosa have two samosa flavours, chicken tikka with spinach and quinoa and spicy beef with sweet potato, kale and chia seeds. Essentially the same filling as the pie. Both fillings again had the same deficiencies as the pie in that the filling was not spicy enough for each bite to pack a punch. The samosa pastry sheet was light, crispy and held its form. As it was baked, the taste and texture is different to what you would expect if it was fried but nonethess was surprisingly good and with a little tweaking to the filling these samosas could rise from good to outstanding.

10 Pack Spicy Beef Samosa (Picture Credit: Gourmosa)
10 Pack Chicken Tikka Samosa (Picture Credit: Gourmosa)

Gourmosa have transformed age old Indian snacks into healthier alternatives. As it is a new brand, with minor adjustments to enhance the flavours further, whilst not compromising on the brands ethos to offer nutritionally balanced, healthy snacks complimented with the addition of superfoods, Gourmosa has the right attributes to become a household brand. With their  modern baking concept they are paving the way in innovation to offer something which is truly unique to the mainstream market.

Disclaimer: We were sent these products by Gourmosa to review.





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