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Habaneros is a fast food establishment with a Mexican and American diner inspired menu, specialising in burgers and Peri-Peri chicken in Willesden Green, North London.


The venue is small, with minimum seating and no toilet facilities, as it is designed as a fast food establishment, rather than a sit down restaurant. The interior is rustic and urban, with its open brick walls and mini wooden canteen style tables. Even though it is a fast food establishment, the decor is hip and trendy, and if the venue was bigger, with the appropriate amenities, it would be a nice little burger restaurant.


The burgers are promoted as being gourmet, however, we would describe them as being fast food meets gourmet. The Peri-Peri chicken on offer is very reminiscent of a well-known Portuguese franchise.

We ordered the “New York Stack”; a 6 ounce beef patty, cooked on a hot grill in an open kitchen. The patty had a good level of seasoning and was packed full of flavour, but, unfortunately the beef patty was cooked well done, therefore was not juicy or succulent, or even visually appealing. Nonetheless, the burger was still a joy to eat, because when it came down to the taste test, it was sublime, and could possibly even rival offerings from some established gourmet burger restaurants. The sweet potato chips were of an impressive portion and were truly delicious.





We also tried the “Pulled Beef Burger”, which was juicy and succulent and once again, the piquancy of the burger was straight away evident from the very first bite. The portion of the chips were once again of a good size, but in terms of taste, were ordinary.

The brioche buns for both burgers were soft enough to ensure that the flavours were not subdued and firm enough to maintain the integrity of the burger. The “Pulled Beef” burger was once again an impressive burger, in terms of taste.




For sides, we ordered onion rings, which in our opinion lacked flavour and tasted like you were just eating batter. The onion rings needed a big dose of seasoning.

We also ordered the wings, which were grilled to perfection and were pipping hot when they arrived. The wings were tender and succulent, with a delicate smoked grilled flavour, combined with the herb infused marinade which had a slight chilli kick (as stated before, very similar to the chicken that is offered by a well known Peri-Peri franchise), was truly sublime.


For drinks we ordered “Reese’s Peanut Butter” premium shake and a guava flavoured “Jarritos”. The shake, whilst not disappointing, was neither outstanding. The flavour was adequate, but unfortunately the taste of Reese’s Peanut Butter was not evident. The Jarritos was satisfyingly refreshing.


The Halal burger market has undoubtedly become saturated in recent years, and many of the so called “gourmet” burger restaurants have failed to deliver on taste.

Habaneros is not a gourmet restaurant, but neither does it offer your typical burgers that you would get from your local kebab shop/takeaway.

Habaneros offers exceptional value for money, great portions and surprisingly delicious burgers, which truth be told, we were not expecting. The place is constantly busy, and that is a true testament to its popularity, as a result of the great food they have on offer.

If you are searching for satisfying food at budget prices then follow Habaneros Halal Food Journey.

*We were invited to review.

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