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Lazeez Lebanese Tapas

Lazeez Lebanese Tapas aims to provide a taste of Beirut in the heart of trendy London, and you can’t get trendier than being neighbours with Selfridges.


The Lebanese culture, when it comes to food is designed for sharing, and Lazeez (which means tasty in Arabic) emulates this social characteristic by offering small tapas dishes in an ambient and cozy surrounding.

There are three sections to the restaurant, a tapas bar that offers hot and cold drinks, and snack food; a terrace that provides al’fresco dining and also a spot of sheesha smoking; and finally the maze lounge, which is a subterranean snug dining area furnished with exotic ornaments and paraphernalia from the magical Middle East.


Our invitation to Lazeez startes with a tapas selection, with the recommendation of the staff we ordered “Motabaal”, which is a dip made from grill aubergine and tahini, “Beirut Hummus”, “Spicy Potato”, which is potatoes topped with coriander, chili and lemon sauce and finally their signature “Lazeez Falafel”. All the tapas dishes were extremely pleasant in flavour, but not too gastronomically thrilling.

Selection of Tapas dishes



thumb_IMG_5886_1024 2

For the main we opted for the “Mixed Grill”, which consisted of Kofta, Lamb Cubes and Chicken Cubes. First of all the rice was delicious, due to the fresh citric flavour of lemon running through the fluffy rice. The chicken cubes were slightly over cooked in certain areas, making it dry and the only flavour coming through was the typical charcoal grill flavour. However, the segments of the chicken that were still moist and tender were a pleasure to eat. The lamb cube suffered from the same problem as the chicken cube, as some pieces of meat were over cooked making it chewy and difficult to masticate. But once again, the tender pieces of meat had a enjoyable smokey grill flavour. Finally the Kofta, which was truly delicious, even though once again certain parts were a bit over cooked, which meant the meat was not as juicy and succulent as it could have been. But the piquancy and the seasoning was well achieved.




Finally we tried the “Beirut Burger”, which contained lamb shawarma meat with lettuce , tomatoes, onions and pickle. The actual lamb was unfortunately dry, slightly charred and lacked in flavour, however, where the meat came into contact with the garlic sauce, I have to admit, it tasted astounding. This is not a gourmet burger, so therefore do not expect gourmet standards, nonetheless, the burger was adequate enough to satisfy my hunger.

thumb_IMG_5895_1024 2



For drinks we had the “Passion Punch”, which was passion fruit syrup, passion fruit juice, lime juice and apple juice. A truly spectacular concoction that was not just delicious in taste, but refreshing and thirst quenching. The “Lemon & Mint” was the unsung hero, with its simple exterior, you would be mistaken into thinking that it would not deliver on taste, however the stupendous flavour of the zesty lemon with the cool mint was a heavenly combination.

thumb_IMG_5876_1024 2
Passion Punch
Lemon & Mint

To round off our meal, we ordered the “Beirut Crepe”, which was filled with Nutella chocolate and raspberries. The dessert was undeniably tasty, but a bit ordinary.





Lazeez restaurant offers a enjoyable Lebanese dining experience, with a varied selection of dishes to make one’s mouth salivate. If you’re in the mood for some Beirut delicacies and are in the heart of London, Lazeez Tapas is always a viable option.

Follow their Halal Food Journey and see what exotic places it takes you.

Disclaimer: We were invited to review.


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