C & R Restaurant

Mini Review:

C & R Cafe restaurant in China Town is one of the few Chinese and Malaysian eateries in China Town that serve halal meat. The chicken and beef is halal only.

The establishment is visually basic in appearance yet clean. The prominent dish depicted in the picture is called ‘Roti Canai’. Two Malaysian bread (pancake) with curry sauce. Our expectation of the dish on its arrival, to be honest, was low. As soon as we tasted the delicate bread, slathered in the golden curry sauce, we were just shocked… shocked at how spectacular it tasted. One of the most unassuming and amazing tasting dishes I have experienced in a while.

Roti Canai

The Stir Fry Beef Noodle dish shown below on the other hand was a disappointment. Each component to this dish lacked seasoning and sadly didn’t give us the same level of joy as the Roti Canai.

Beef Stir Fry Noodles

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised with C & R restaurant. Many of these simple Chinese and Malaysian restaurants fail to deliver on taste, but C & R restaurant was truly a diamond in the rough.

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