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Burgista Bro’s

Burgista Bro’s is a halal gourmet burger establishment and a coffee barista. If you’re frenziedly searching the dictionary trying to find the meaning of Burgista, you’ll probably have more success winning the lottery, as the name Burgista is derived from the combination of the words ‘Burger’ and ‘Barista’, which pretty much sets the scene to what to expect when you visit one of the growing chains of Burgista Bro’s. This branch is their second and is based in Baker Street.


Even though Burgista Bro’s are new to the shores of London, they have been well established in the Middle East and Asia for two decades, and it is apparent that the owners know a thing or two about what the public want. Which is why they have hired Chris Large (http://www.chrislarge.co.uk), who is famous for creating the Glam Burger; the world’s most expensive burger, costing an eye watering, wallet crunching £1,100.

Having Chris Large, who has the pedigree of a celebrity chef, at the helm of Burgista Bro’s is a key element to the group’s success. He is full of exuberance, passion and energy, even after doing a 14 hour shift. Whilst conducting the interview with us as a part of our invitation to Burgista Bros, he is still very mindful of all the customers, tending to each customer’s smallest of needs, as he truly wants every patron that walks through the door to have a proper Burgista experience. Their ethos is to provide everyone that visits the eatery “to feel that they are part of the family”.

The decor of the establishment, is rustic in its appearance, with an open grill, where the burgers are cooked in front of the customers and a cafe style European feel, due to them also specialising as a coffee barista.

All the food at Burgista Bro’s is made of high quality ingredients and organically sourced where possible.

To visit a burger diner and not try the wings would be inexcusable. For sides we had the Spicy Buffalo wings and the BBQ wings, both made from free range chicken wings. The BBQ was pure indulgence, with the sticky elixir coating our entire mouth and hands. The wings were a good portion size and a fair price, if compared with other similar places. The Spicy Wings, on the other hand did not have enough heat to kick the tastebuds to attention.wp-1452633935530.jpeg




We ordered Burgista’s signature burger: The Portabello burger, consisting of beef, Portobello mushroom, black olive and shaved black summer truffle. The taste was pleasing, with the beef patty, even though cooked medium well, still tender and juicy, which further combined with the high quality ingredients of truffle and Portobello mushroom, did lift the humble burger to a gourmet experience.


A number of Gourmet burger diners provide their food with ostentatious cutlery and/or present it as visual food art. Even though it looks impressive, it doesn’t solve the age old problem of eating a burger without covering yourself, head-to-toe in sauce and bits of your meal. Burgista Bro’s pragmatic solution is to provide a wrap with the burger. This can visually give the impression that the burger is from a fast food establishment. But, Burgista’s focus is not to beguile its customer with gimmicky wonders, but to provide its customer with a good dining experience. Plus the ingredients on show, in itself should exude its gourmet legitimacy.



We also had the BBQ burger, this is for all you BBQ lovers out there. Beef patty, with applewood cheese and crispy fried onions. Added an extra patty and smoked turkey bacon.


This was one of the better burgers we have tasted to date. Every bite brought satisfaction to the gustatory cells. From the initial mastication, you get the flavour of the juicy, meaty, beef patty, then the smokey flavour comes through due to the turkey bacon, which is then brought to a satisfying end with the luscious, sticky sweet BBQ flavour.


A burger meal cannot be completed without chips, so we opted for the rosemary chips, which were good.




Burgista Bro’s success is ever growing, as they plan on opening their third restaurant very soon in London, so stay tuned to their website (http://www.burgista.co.uk) to find out if they are opening a venue near you.

With the halal gourmet burger market becoming more saturated in the last few years, the competition is hotting up. Only places that offer exciting ingredients and dishes will stand in good stead to maintain a competitive edge. We believe Burgista Bro’s will be one of the market leaders, as they offer fast food with gourmet ingredients.

Every month they also offer a new exotic burger on their menu, such as Wagyu beef burger, pulled duck burger, and wait for… coming soon, possibly even a halal kangaroo burger (we surely hope we get invited back when they have that on the menu).

Burgista Bro’s is opening a new chapter in the halal gourmet burger revolution; new and exotic dishes.

Burgista Bro’s is one for all you food adventurers out there. Follow their Halal Food Journey and see what exotic places it takes you.

Disclaimer: We were invited to review.

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