Gym’s Kitchen

Gym’s Kitchen in Leyton is the UK’s first protein based restaurant. The restaurant brings an innovative take on ‘healthy eating’. Its popularity continues to rise and rightly so as healthy eating is becoming more and more of a focus with the ever increasing rise in obesity. Gym’s Kitchen certainly shows that healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring nor unimaginative.


To keep ourself hydrated we opted for the ‘Berry Blast’ which was a mixture of berries with cranberry juice. Super healthy but unfortunately wasn’t sweet enough for our liking.


The ‘Power Lifter Mixed Grilled Sharer’, shown here includes Chicken Wings, Chicken Cubes and Lamb Chops. There is a lot of hype over Gyms Kitchen’s lamb chops and we are pleased to say that without a doubt the chops live up to the hype and expectation. The seasoning of the lamb is subtle, but not much seasoning is required as the flavour is based more on the quality of the chops, which is evident from the very first bite. The lamb meat quite literally melts into your mouth, awaking you from a hunger coma. However, the chicken was in our opinion, pretty mediocre, as the flavour was quite bland.


The food on this occasion was in our humble opinion mediocre. The flavours could have been bolder with the addition of extra spice. Nonetheless, Gym’s Kitchen has great potential and is the perfect place for anyone on a strict protein based diet. Follow their healthy halal food journey and see where it takes you.

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