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Fire Bean Mexican Kitchen

Mini Review

Fire Bean Mexican Kitchen is a halal fast food establishment offering archetypal Mexican fare. The venue stands where once Chili Chutney use to domicile.

The venue is rudimentary in appearance, with minimal seating space, as the main portion of the business stems from takeaways.




For starters we ordered the Firebean Special Nachos, consisting of corn tortilla nachos topped with salsa, guacamole, sour cream, jalapeños and Chicken Tinga. The Chicken Tinga was delicious and full of flavour and made for a wonderful addition to the nachos.


We also opted for the two variety of wings: Mango Habanero, which is a combination that we would not have thought would work, but it does so tremendously. The initial bite had a lovely sweet piquancy emanating from the mango, which is then defused by the addictive chilli heat from the Habanero. It is definitely a dish that we would recommend. We also ordered the Habanero wings, which is one for all the chilli lovers out there.



For the mains we tried the Mini Lamb Chilli and Mini Beef Steak burritos.


Unfortunately both the burritos were disappointing. The Lamb chilli burrito, you wouldn’t even know that there was any Lamb Chilli in the burrito as it was void of any taste. For the beef steak, the beef was chewy and tasted stale, and once again lacked seasoning or any definitive flavour.

The drinks were however delicious, exported from Mexico.


The surprising “pièce de résistance” was remarkably the churros.



The Churro itself was light and moist, with a delicious flavour. When biting into the churro, there is a burst of sweet chocolatey sauce that secreted out, adding further pleasure to the gustatory cells. We truly believe that Fire Bean should focus on the churros, as they are the best we have ever tasted to date.

Fire Bean Mexican Kitchen is a simple fast food establishment that offers some surprisingly great dishes and desserts, but also, on this occasion, some food that was not too great. However, if you are around the Gants Hill area, and looking for a quick bite, this place is definitely not a bad place to visit.

























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