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Brioche Burger

Over the last year there has been a wave of halal gourmet burger establishments opening left, right and centre. We certainly wouldn’t say the halal burger industry is saturated but in order to satisfy the ever increasing consumer standard for high quality, rich ingredients rivalling some of the top non-halal establishments, Brioche Burger is without question setting the path forward.

Brioche Burger – Visit 1 (Opening month):

We visited Brioche Burger during their opening month and as with all new establishments, teething issues were expected. The burgers here visually epitomises gourmet. The menu at the time was simple with 2 choices for a beef burger, one of which was a double stack.  Shown below is the ‘Hand of the King’ which consisted of 1 beef patty, gherkins, sauteed onions and your usual burger accoutrements.

The taste and texture of the beef patty was unpleasant. The patty wasn’t juicy or pink in the centre owing to the fact it was cooked well done. Since our first visit their Burgers have improved significantly. It is great to see that Brioche Burger ‘listened’ to its customers as the expectation for a gourmet burger by the average Muslim consumer has increased over recent years.

The nachos, shown below was a dissapointment. The salsa sauce was tasty but sadly not enough of it and the cheese was not adequately melted.


On the plus side the ‘Birds of a Feather’ chicken burger made from buttermilk panko chicken was deliciously moist and flavoursome. It was without question the unexpected star of the show. The addition of rocket salad complimented the chicken perfectly.

Birds of a Feather
Hand of the King


Brioche Burger – Visit 2 (Nov-15)

Brioche Burger has introduced London’s very first HMC approved 21 day dry aged Aberdeen Angus beef steaks and burgers. We were invited to a tasting session and here is our thoughts.

The chicken wings were flavoured with atypical oriental spices. The first bite and every bite after that was a delight to the tastebuds.wpid-wp-1448379358648.jpeg

The “Cojack” burger pictured was rich and juicy owing not only to the quality of the meat but also the generous distribution of cheese. The potato brioche bun held all of the ingredients in harmony.

Cojack Burger

The ‘Fresh Prince’ shown below was Brioche Burger’s take on the famous Philly cheese steak with Prime Angus Rump thinly sliced. The beef slices were a sheer delight to the tastebud. All the ingredients complimented beef. There was no unnecessary extras; just simple ingredients all working in harmony.

Fresh Prince


Kid’s Meal – Chicken Burger

On to their steaks. The quality of the Aberdeen Angus was exceptional. The meat was well tenderised as expected of dry aged beef. The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare which for many Asian establishments is incredibly hard to achieve. It doesn’t compare to premium steaks. However, in comparison to other halal steaks in the same price bracket, Brioche Burger’s steaks are definitely one of the better ones out there.The accompanied picante sauce was pure ecstasy leaving ‘a sting’ in ones mouth; exactly as expected since it’s name is derived from the Spanish word “Picar”. The other sauces; beef gravy and peppercorn sauce were subtle in flavour in comparison to the picante sauce.wpid-wp-1448379370376.jpegwpid-wp-1448379332603.jpegwpid-wp-1448379316820.jpeg

The standard and quality of their burgers has improved significantly. Their Spanish influence is evident in the piquont flavours in their steak sauce and their premium quality meat is unparalelled from its competitors, it the same price bracket.

Brioche Burger’s attention to detail, high quality ingredients, cooking method and execution has taken their burgers from ‘good to great’.

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