Indian Street Food

Roti Chai

Roti Chai, tucked away on a side street, from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, serves up cuisine specialising in Indian Street Food, primarily emulating that of Indian Railway Canteen fare.

The Pani Puri shown below, as a stand alone dish was pretty mediocre and would have been an unmemorable plate of food. However, the accompanied Jal Jeera water was joyfully bold and flavoursome; and was so delicious that you could simply drink it on its own. Every drop of the luscious elixir was something that truly needed to be savoured. By combining the two together; Pani Puri with Jal Jeera water – you have a ‘match made in heaven’. Every morsel of the combination brought merriment to our yearning tummies.


The Chicken Lollipop; although nice and moist with a crusty coating, the spices lacked richness. The accompanied mint sauce was mild and the two together did not succeed in providing a taste sensation.



The lamb in the curry was tender and absorbed the rustic flavour of the sauce. Even though the dish brought elation to our stomach, it still lacked the authentic vibrant, rich flavours that are truly synonymous with street food.

Railway Lamb Curry

The Aloo Tikka Bun was a disappointment; lacking the raw spices and seasoning you expect from a true traditional rustic Aloo Tikka dish. Furthermore, the bun was slightly heavy and thereby absorbing the little flavour the Aloo Tikka patty had. The accompanied tamarind sauce was bold and drizzled over the bun brought the dish some life.


Although the portions are intended to be small, we did feel some dishes were over priced with respect to the amount of food that you received, as you do tend to get less for your money. In our humble opinion, even though Roti Chai did provide a good culinary experience, we felt the place offered more hype over substance. We believe that Roti Chai lacks adhering to its own mantra; in providing an authentic, rustic, rich flavoursome experience that you would expect from true Indian street food cuisine. Roti Chai needs to embrace its true Indian heritage and not dilute the flavours of its dishes so to appease a Western palate.


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