Afternoon Tea

BB Bakery

BB Bakery is a quaint French Salon de Thé (French Tearoom) situated a stone throw away from the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden. wp-1449435266875.pngBB Bakery has combined the quintessential English custom of traditional Afternoon Tea with French Patisserie to offer a chic Afternoon Tea experience.

Afternoon Tea on board the iconic London bus. Picture credit: BB Bakery

The interior of the Bakery emulates vogue and elegance, with its sheer white walls and tapestry of dainty sketch artwork.


The loose tea selection from Betjeman and Barton; a sign of French tea excellence in itself, was presented in beautiful vintage china. Our invitation to BB Bakery began with a sampling of the following Black Tea flavours: Darjeeling India, Assam India and Pettiagalla Ceyland. The quality of the tea selection was evident; then again we wouldn’t expect anything less from Betjaman and Barton. Our personal favourite black tea flavour was Darjeeling India. Its strength was perfect to kick start the afternoon and its aroma was subtle yet positively intoxicating. From their Red Tea selection we sampled the Four Red Fruits flavour which was aromatic with soft fruit undertones. The fruity aroma was intense and the flavour from each sip was deliciously addictive.



The Festive Afternoon Tea menu consisted of sweet and savoury treats. The savoury selection consisted of Scottish Smoked Salmon Blinis with Cream Cheese, Cucumber and Mint Finger Sandwich, Leek and Stilton Quiche, Winter Savoury Cake and Chicken Ciabatta, all prepared fresh on site and washed down with freshly squeezed orange juice, which was perfectly citrusy without being too sharp on the tongue.




The Smoked Salmon Blini tasted exceptional. The salmon was rich with the right amount of smokiness coming through, which combined with the deliciously creamy soft cheese just melted effortlessly in the mouth. This was a case of classic good quality ingredients coming together beautifully.


The Chicken Ciabatta is the only halal savoury option. The chicken was well seasoned and went well with the classic tomato and basil, but there sadly wasn’t enough of the chicken filling. The ciabatta bread was light and fluffy. It was an enjoyable sandwich. However, we would have preferred more halal savoury options. Nonetheless, the selection on offer was impressive and it was refreshing to see that BB Bakery were creative in offering a variety of savoury snacks instead of the traditional finger sandwiches.


The Cucumber and Mint Finger Sandwich was a delight to the tastebuds. The mint flavour was subtle and complimented the creamy cheese and cucumber. The Winter Savoury Cake, although light and airy, didn’t quite capture our attention when compared to the other savoury options. The cheesy flavour was mild and its texture was bread like thus, a dollop of butter would have elevated it to greatness.  The stilton and leek quiche was delicious. The pastry was buttery and light and the stilton flavour was subtle, therefore not as overpowering as you would expect. wp-1449323476855.jpeg

The sweet selection consisted of Christmas Cupcake, Chocolate and Festive Spice Orange Tart, Lavender Macaron, Raspberry and Coconut Cream, and BB Christmas Cake.


The icing on the Christmas Cupcake was intense, creamy and complimented the moist chocolate sponge. The Christmas Cake, although tasty, wasn’t as memorable as the other sweet treats.

The Raspberry and Coconut Cream was delectable. The coconut flavour was subtle against the cream which was luxurious and velvety, and the raspberry added sharpness. The buttery biscuit base was simply exquisite, and its texture complimented the cream topping.


The Chocolate and Orange Tart topped with an edible gold coated hazelnut was rich, velvety and deliciously decadent. Each bite sent our tastebuds into a state of euphoria.


The Lavender Macaron was something out of Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory. While the macaron was delicate and airy, the ganache filling itself was an explosion of taste. Each bite resulted in a continuous eruption of intense flavour, just like the “Everlasting Gobstopper”; captivating all of our senses.

Additional Macarons (not part of the Afternoon Tea Menu)

The meal was completed with freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam. The scones arrived piping hot, straight from the oven. The smell of fresh baking filled the air around us with sheer excitement. The scone was beautifully moist in the centre, almost like a freshly baked victoria sponge cake, and the outside was slightly glazed. Each biteful left a sentiment of sadness knowing the meal was coming to its glorious end.



BB Bakery combine the art of French Patisserie to offer a unique Afternoon Tea experience, whether in their adorable little Bakery, on a routemaster bus or on a boat along the river Thames, we assure you, you won’t be left disappointed. Despite the halal option being limited to one chicken sandwich, the French Pastry Chefs skillfully showcase their impressive gastronomic talent in each of the other components to this Afternoon Tea that you almost forget about meat all together.

Picture Credit: BB Bakery


Disclaimer: Halal Afternoon Tea should be requested at the point of booking. The Festive Afternoon Tea menu is available until 7th January 2016.


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