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Ceru restaurant is a Mediterranean restaurant specialising in cuisine from the Levant, with influences from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Israel and Turkey to mention a few.

We were invited to review Ceru’s pop-up restaurant located at 135 Cannon Street, its 3rd venture. As it is a pop-up restaurant, the interior is rustic and makeshift, with its trademark bright yellow running through the venue. The dishes are all meze-sized, intended for sharing, which enhances the casual, friendly dining atmosphere.wp-1449959155939.jpeg

The menu offers a combination of healthy and indulgent dishes, such as zesty herb and fruit salads, roasted succulent spiced meats, mouthwatering fish, delectable vibrant dips, warm fresh breads and organically healthy juices to wash it all down.


From their freshly made juices, the Passion Fruit was undeniably the most addictive and thirst quenching. However, all the fresh juice selection were delicious and were unique in flavour.


From the dips selection we ordered “Three in One” which was a combination of the “Pancar” – which is a beetroot, yogurt, garlic and pistachio dip. Being a true gastronomy lover, there’s not that many types of food I dislike, however, I abhor beetroot due to its earthy and farmyard muck like taste. But the beetroot here, was astonishingly good as it was light, sweet and simply just heavenly. I could have slathered it all over myself. The other two dips were the classic houmous dip and Fadi – fried baby courgette purée with tahini. This was a pleasant dip but not as outstanding as the beetroot dip.

Three in One

From the main we ordered the Warm Salad of Crisp Roast Duck. We were excited to try this dish as its not very often that you can find Halal duck. However, this dish was a disappointment, with the duck being dry and over cooked and lacking any form of seasoning.


The second main dish that we sampled was the slow roasted (for 6 hours) Lamb Shoulder cooked in Shawarma spices, with a pomegranate and pistachio dressing. The tender lamb was so succulent that it effortlessly dissolved in the mouth, with the infused Shawarma spices providing bold & beautiful flavours. From the very first bite it is evident why this is CERU’s signature dish. This dish was a superstar, a carnivore’s delight.

Lamb Shoulder

For an accompanying dish, we selected the Herbed Zucchini and Feta Cheese Fritters. These were simply heavenly. The taste was sublime, with the cool Feta cheese balancing out the well seasoned and delectable Zucchini. It was definitely one of the amazing showstopper dishes CERU has to offer.


Roasted baby Aubergine with Tomato and Chilli was a very pleasant dish, but we would have preferred more of a kick from the Chilli, which lacked in providing any heat.


From the salads selection we opted for the Crisp Apple, Pomegranate and Mint Salad. The taste combination of the Apple and Mint was so refreshing and satisfying, providing a great palate cleanser.


Ceru London is one that definitely should not be missed. Ceru offers modern and healthy middle eastern cuisine with a full halal menu. They are a pop up on Cannon Street at the moment, so I would catch them while you can, otherwise, when it’s gone it’s gone. The place is a great find and we look forward to dining at Ceru again when they have identified a permanent base for their first London branch. wp-1449959148752.jpeg

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