Pan Asian

The Silk Restaurant

The Silk Restaurant is the architectural focal point of the Courthouse Hotel and Michelin recommended. Once a real magistrates court, the place retains its character with wood panelling, judges bench and dock combined with a far eastern influence in keeping with its Asian Fusion inspired menu.


Starters consisted of pan seared scallops with artichokes and strawberries and tiger prawns with pineapples. The fruit against the scallops and prawns was a unique yet refreshing combination.



In keeping with the history of the building, the menu was presented in a wooden book resembling that of a judges bench book. For  mains we opted for the the Hainanese Chicken which was corn fed supreme of chicken with a soya and spicy sauce cooked extra hot on request and Kapproa Chicken which was semi dry chicken juliennes with a sweet basil sauce. The chicken in both dishes was moist and well seasoned. The flavour was subtle and not as poignant as you would expect, leaving a not so memorable first bite. Both dishes lacked any form of sauce to bring to life the accompanied rice. Overall, the mains were a disappointment.

In addition, presentation could be improved for a restaurant housed within a 5* hotel.



Dessert consisted of five spice spring roll with a ginger flavoured ice cream. The ginger flavour was overpowering which unfortunately was unpleasant to the taste buds. The lemongrass chocolate mousse with rose chilli jelly had a delectable smooth texture which melted in the mouth effortlessly. 20141203_19320020141203_193140

Overall, the experience of dining at the Great Marlborough Street Magistrates Court which once witnessed the trials of Oscar Wilde, Mick Jagger and John Lennon is more of a novelty that the food.


Disclaimer: Only the chicken and lamb is halal.

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