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3 Bros

3 Bros is a multi-cuisine halal restaurant based in Putney. When we heard the name 3 Bros we immediately thought it would be a fast food style eatery. On arrival, however, we were pleasantly surprised. The interior exudes Parisian chic, transporting the diner to a fashionable European bistro style eatery. The walls of the establishment are decorated with a tapestry of sketch art work; a refreshing change from the rustic or urban chic decor similar establishments have opted for.

3 Bros serves a diverse menu: Gourmet Burgers, Latin American and Italian dishes. It is difficult to master one cuisine let alone multiple cuisines under one roof. However, 3 Bros did each cuisine justice by delivering accurate flavours, which exhibits the chefs’ skilful cookery range.


Our invitation to 3 Bros started with a selection of sample size starters. The chicken satay was big, juicy and flavoursome. The skewers had a pleasant, yet delicate charcoal flavour, but the marinade of the seasoned chicken also came through, turning the dish from good to delicious. wp-1448998870411.jpeg

The buffalo chicken wings topped with sesame seeds had a light crispy coating. Although these were good, there was nothing unusual or unique in its flavour to make in stand out from ones we have tried at other establishments. wp-1448998858486.jpeg

The breaded Halloumi was heavenly. The bread layer was just the right thickness to balance the natural saltiness of the Halloumi whilst the cheese was still moist. wp-1448998843283.jpeg

The bruschetta wasn’t quite truly authentic Italian; it lacked fresh Italian herbs and garlic. A drizzle of good quality extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil would have made a world of difference. wp-1448998835862.jpeg

The coating on the calamari rings was nice and crispy and the calamari itself was firm, yet soft, retaining its moistness. Calamari can be a difficult dish to cook, because if you cook it for too long it becomes elastic and rubbery and unpleasant to masticate. These rings were just right.


The burger shown below is the ‘All Star Burger’ minus the chicken patty. The patty was cooked to a perfect “medium” thus juicy and flavoursome with no raw meaty taste. Each of the elementary components of the burger came through; smokiness from the turkey bacon and butteriness from the brioche bun. Our only critique would be the addition of caramelised onions as no burger is complete without caramelised onions.

3 Bros burgers don’t compare to places serving dry aged beef but those burgers are at a whole new level of halal culinary delight. However, 3 Bros focuses on simple, uncomplicated, gimmick free burgers and they do these well. Not bad for a place that has only been open for 1 week.



Below is the Tagliatelle Bolognese. Our first thought when we saw Italian on the menu was; can an Asian place truly deliver authentic Italian dishes? We were told the Chefs were flown in from Italy in order to achieve just that. The Tagliatelle Bolognese was  in fact cooked well. The flavour was mild but after all they are trying to emulate authentic Italian flavours in their dishes. Don’t expect a desi-twist to their pastas. Our only critique of this dish is that it needed a lot more herbs, such as fresh basil or parsley to really give it that ‘Italian kick’.


The dish shown below is not yet on the menu; Moroccan meatballs with couscous. The first bite was simply breathtaking. The couscous was well flavoured with authentic Moroccan spices rather than plain buttery couscous that you get in Moroccan restaurants. The meatballs were big and hearty but a little on the dry side. However, the meatball was delicately spiced and well seasoned. The sauce was in abundance and the whole dish was the unexpected star.


3 Bros offers an extensive menu with a little something for all tastebuds. Whether you enjoy gourmet burgers, pastas or Latin American food, these guys do it all and do it well. Their attention to detail from their decorative interior, to the execution of their food shows that they truly have a passion for what they are trying to achieve.

Disclaimer: We were invited to review.

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