Stone Cave Restaurant

Stone Cave is a Turkish restaurant in Dalston. Immediately on entering the restaurant we were pleasantly surprised. True to its name it was decorated to give you a sense of dining in a cave, with Turkish drapes and lanterns.

To get your taste buds racing, you are presented with nibbles of olives, pickles and hummus with bread.

Starters consisted of their Feta Parcels and Courgette Fritters. Both were flavoursome and a nice light starter, leaving plenty of space in one’s stomach for the main course.

Feta Parcel
Courgette Fritters

Mains consisted of Shish Kebab and Grilled Chicken Niblets. The kebab was flavoursome and juicy with authentic Turkish flavours coming through. The Chicken Niblets on the other hand were pretty average, lacking any authentic Turkish spices, with just the smokiness of the charcoal grill coming through. Nonetheless, the portions were hearty and the meal was enjoyable. The accompanied rice was well flavoured and buttery.

Grilled Chicken Niblets
Shish Kebab


For dessert we opted for their Creme Brûlée with a Turkish twist and Baklava. Both were sickly sweet and the added cinnamon wasn’t a good combination.


The portions were decent and the meal was good value for money. Although what we ordered was nothing exceptional it was still good Turkish food in a pleasant setting and somewhere we would consider visiting again.





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