Mini Review:

Pardis Resturant in Connaught Village near Hyde park is a Persian restaurant. The establishment is split over two floors with a heated garden to the rear. However, the seating area on the ground floor is small and narrow and by no means family friendly, especially if you have a push chair.

We ordered the ‘Momtaz’ which was a skewer of chicken and minced lamb marinated in saffron and the ‘Koobideh’ which was two skewers of minced lamb. One of our favourite cuisine is Persian food and unfortunately the dishes we ordered lacked the authentic flavours that you would associate with traditional Iranian cuisine. The Persian rice was strictly speaking just plain basmati rice with no obvious saffron or tarragon flavour coming through which is what you would expect from true Persian rice. Both the lamb and chicken lacked any discernible Asiatic gustatory sensation and service was unfortunately appalling especially for a quiet lunch period. Furthermore, when we asked for tap water, the waiting staff refused to provide us with tap water, informing us that as part of their policy they do not provide water from the tap. This was just a ploy so we would buy bottled water. Our experience at Pardis was thoroughly disappointing, not just for the poor standard of food, but from the diabolical service.


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