Woody Grill

Mini Review:

Woody Grill is a Turkish restaurant with branches in various locations. This branch is located in the heart of Camden Town. The interior is small, visually basic and modest in its appearance, epitomising a fast food eatery, but delivering culinary delights.

The Mixed Kebab Grill depicted in this picture consisted of Kofte, Lamb and Chicken Kebab. The Kebab selection was sublime. Each bite of joy brought me closer to sadness, as the dish inevitably reached its end, and my stomach yearned for more. The Kofte Kebab was well marinated and had a satisfying taste, the chicken was well seasoned, with a delicate charcoal flavour, and the lamb was surprisingly tender and dissolved effortlessly in the mouth. Most places always fail on the lamb kebab as its always chewy and lacks piquancy. For a no frills Turkish fast food restaurant, we were pretty impressed by the standard and taste of the food. Definitely one of London’s hidden gems.


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