Proper Burgers

Proper Burgers is a halal gourmet burger restaurant in Leyton. There has been a surge in burger joints in London recently, which once upon a time, we would have been overjoyed with this trend. But the standards and quality at most of these eateries have been pretty poor and disappointing, in our humble opinion. However, Proper Burgers most definitely lived up to its name. The restaurant was spacious, modern and chic. Unlike most burger joints, which are usually quite cramped and rustic in their appearance.


The ‘Cheesey Burger’ depicted in this picture consisted of two 4 ounce beef patties, turkey bacon, salad, caramelised onions and relish, with a choice of cheese; we opted for blue cheese, blanketed in between two fluffy, lightly toasted, brioche buns. The burger was phenomenal. The patty was well seasoned, the burger maintained its integrity and the caramelised onions were simply delicious. Our only critique would be that the patty was cooked “well done”, where as we would have preferred the patty “medium”.

Cheesy Burger


If you desire a beef alternative, here is a mighty good chicken option. The initial bite was intense, “oooozing” with spicy jalapenos and Monterrey Jack cheese, whilst maintaining its structure. The chicken was still piping hot and the nachos gave the burger a nice crunchy taste and texture.

Mucho Macho

The food here is served on vintage cutlery that reminds you of home and their burgers certainly remind you of homemade burgers with a touch of Indian spices. This is by far one of the better gourmet burger establishments, providing the diner with a satisfying burger experience.

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