Pan Asian


Gilgamesh is a Pan Asian restaurant in Camden’s Stables Market. The interior is exquisite, with oriental wooden carvings and furnishings, and Asian ornaments, transporting the diner to the exotic far east.


We ordered from their Dim Sum lunch menu which was good value for money in comparison to their A La Carte Menu.

Featured below is the Duck Spring Rolls, twice cooked Chunky Chips, Salmon Sashimi, Prawn Dumplings and Crispy Squid.

The Prawn Dumplings and Salmon Sashimi melted in the mouth effortlessly, as the texture was soft and delicate, packed full of oriental flavours. The Crispy Squid was light and crunchy, stimulating the taste buds with every morsel. The chilli and coriander dressing added a pleasant kick to each bite. IMG_6547IMG_6544

The twice cooked Chunky Chips, although crispy on the outside and nice and fluffy on the inside, was prosaic, not really adding to the oriental experience, unlike the other dishes. IMG_6545

The Duck Spring Rolls were generously filled with duck meat. However, the flavour was mild, thereby diminishing the wondrous meat’s true potential. The duck required a generous amount of seasoning for greater piquancy.

The show stopper dish was the “Son-In-Lawn eggs”. Perhaps the least likely dish you would want to order but by far the tastiest. It consisted of gooey egg on a bed of crispy salad dressed with chilli jam, lime and coriander dressing. Even describing this dish doesn’t do it justice but we assure you, you will not be disappointed.


Gilgamesh is a critically acclaimed halal Pan Asian restaurant. The food was beautifully executed and although some dishes farred better than others, it is worth a visit for its stunning interior and for a unique halal experience.IMG_1306IMG_1309

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