Mini Review:

Cabana is a Brazilian barbecue restaurant. The branch at the O2 serves halal chicken and lamb.

The dish showcased in this picture is the “Spicy Malagueta Chicken”, with sweet potato fries and coleslaw. Their famous “Cabana Kick Malagueta Sauce” is the main attraction of the restaurant. The elixir was bursting with South American flavours, with the right amount of heat to ‘kick’ start the taste buds. The sweet potato fries were sublime. The chicken was tender and moist, with the subtle flavour of the marinade emanating through. Our experience at Cabana was good, nonetheless, we still feel as though this specific dish is just a more expensive version of Nando’s.

Disclaimer: Chicken and Lamb is halal only.


One thought on “Cabana

  1. Hi and salaam.
    When I called up cabana 02 arena, they notified me that they fry the pork and halal meat in same oil. Just thought this was an important note to let you and the other readers of your blog know.


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