Mini Review:

Mekan Restaurant is a Turkish establishment located in South London. The interior of the eatery is spacious, yet a bit too simple. Looking more like a high-end canteen then showing any hint of its Turkish roots.

The red salsa visible in the picture below was fresh with a perfect hint of heat from the chilli. The humous was nice and creamy.


Tavuk Kanut shown below is marinated chicken wings cooked over charcoal. This dish made the visit to Mekan all the worthwhile. The chicken had minimal seasoning but as it was grilled to perfection it tasted great and well cooked all the way through. There was no requirement for a helping hand of any side conidment, which is often the case in some Turkish grilled chicken dishes.


The Adana Kofte depicted in the picture was soft and tender, with the mince delicately melting in your mouth. However, it thoroughly lacked any flavour, as there was no trace of any herbs or spices. The dish had the potential to be a taste sensation, but failed at the last hurdle.


Service was slow but nonetheless friendly and attentive. In our opinion Mekan restaurant is definitely worth a visit. It has a lot of potential if the establishment embraced its Turkish routes.


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