Madina Grill

Madina Grill on Commercial Street, East London is a Grill House serving a variety of different dishes from burgers, to grilled chicken to biryanis. A little something for everyone.


The Lamb Chops were cooked perfectly medium with a pink centre. Often chops taste of just the charcoal grill and not much more. However, with these chops you could also taste the flavour of the marinade coming through which was heavenly. IMG_4613IMG_4603

The Sticky Wings came drenched in the Madina Special sauce which was good but not hugely flavoursome.

For mains we opted for the Lamb Steak and Double Stack Burger consisting of a grilled chicken breast and beef patty. The Lamb Steak was cooked well done instead of medium which was expected as not many Asian places can get steak right. The lamb was seasoned well and had good flavour but as it was over cooked it destroyed the natural taste and texture of the lamb. Nonetheless, they did offer to replace it which shows the establishment focuses on customer service. IMG_4592

Madina Grill isn’t branded as a gourmet burger establishment so a comparison to a gourmet burger joint wouldn’t be fair. The burger was average but what you would expect of a non-gourmet burger.IMG_4597

The service was very good and the staff were attentive and eager to please which makes a difference to your overall dining experience. Mixed review on this occasion. However, we would recommend for good value.


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