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Tempus Gourmet Garden

Tempus Gourmet Garden in Bethnal Green was the highly anticipated and newest addition to the halal Gourmet Burger market in the summer of 2014.

The Tempus Wings were drenched in a secret tempus sauce. Essentially Indian inspired sauce with plenty of zest. A combination that worked well and was flavoursome.


The Lamb Chops were well seasoned but ever so slightly overcooked. The chops were not as pink and juicy as one would hope. IMG_4726

The strawberry mojito was refreshing and contained fresh strawberries blended in the mixture which added an extra touch of freshness to the drink.


For burgers we opted for the Flamin Gringo and Turkey Burger. The Flamin Gringo was cooked extra hot on request. The first bite was everything you desire for in a spicy burger; heat from the finely chopped chipotle and sweetness balanced by the salsa. A generous amount of sauce meant the burger wasn’t dry. The patty was cooked more to an ‘Asian’ liking with Indian spices of some sort and grated onions which did give the patty flavour but far from ‘Gourmet’ standard.

Flamin Gringo
Turkey Burger


With the continued rise in ‘so called’ halal Gourmet Burger joints all over London, it almost feels like the word ‘Gourmet’ is used to describe any burger that isn’t your average quarter pounder. However, in order to truly epitomise gourmet standard the quality of the meat and ingredients together with the cooking method is what takes a burger from quarter pounder to truly gourmet.

The burgers at Tempus Gourmet Garden in our opinion hasn’t quite reached gourmet standard but it is definitely far from a quarter pounder. We did visit in its opening week thus we would expect the standards to have since improved.

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