Nakon Thai

Nakhon Thai is a halal Thai restaurant overlooking the Docklands riverside. The interior is in keeping with it’s Thai routes with an exotic outdoor seating bringing a touch of Thailand to London Docklands

Shown below is the Panaeng Nuea which is a poultry dish cooked in a creamy red coconut sauce on a bed of fresh basil. The Panaeng Nuea was mild in flavour, lacking the piquancy you would expect from Thai flavours. The ‘basil’ flavour appeared to be absent and the so called Thai fragrant rice was missing the ‘fragrant’ part.


The Tom Yum soup with prawn was a light and refreshing starter. The lemongrass flavour was prominent and the prawns were big and juicy.


Shown below is the Siam Sweet and Sour Chicken. The chicken coating was crispy. However, the chicken itself lacked seasoning. The sweet and sour sauce was not as bold as you would expect of such a dish and similar to the previous main the jasmine rice was lacking the ‘fragrant’ part.


The Chicken Pad Thai was the better dish of the three mains. The Pad Thai flavours were prominent. The only let downside was the chicken could have been seasoned.


The service here is worth a mention. Firstly we were surprised the establishment is not what we would consider family friendly; no high chairs which is rare to come accross these days and secondly little sensitivity displayed by the staff towards families with very young kids; as soon as we finished our meal two waiters stood at our table ready to usher out our group.

Some positives worth mentioning is the view of the docklands riverside which makes for an enjoyable meal on a sunny day and the menu is diverse offering something for all taste buds. However, due to their poor customer service and mediocre dishes, we believe there are better halal Thai restaurants in London such as Kinkao.


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