Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is an Indonesian restaurant in the heart of theatre land. The interior is simple yet exquisite with a bold and colourful art deco fusion. We were invited to review Nusa Dua.


This picture below showcases the “Kambing Cabe Ijo” – Lamb chops, fried with green chillies and pineapple. The sweetness of the pineapple brilliantly balanced the heat of the chillies. The chops, while well cooked, the texture was ever so slightly rubbery, indicating that the meat was not fresh in its preparation and possibly re-cooked. The execution of this dish was exquisite in its presentation. However, the flavours did not make the mouth salivate with salacious foodie desire.



The “Rendang Daging” – Beef curry cooked in a padang style. The beef was succulent and soft, yet lacked piquancy. The amount of sauce was minimal, making the dish dry and unexciting. wp-1448658237337.jpeg

The “Sate Ayam” – Chicken skewers with peanut sauce. This dish was amazing. The luscious peanut satay sauce coated the mouth with hedonistic gratification. A slight critique of this dish is that it was unfortunately cold by the time it was served.


Nusa Dua has the potential to serve great food. The menu offers plenty of choice and the execution of the dishes is top class. Service was also friendly and attentive. However, the dishes that were recommended to us failed to pleasure our palate on this occasion. We would still recommend a visit if you are looking for unusual or authentic Indonesian dishes.


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