Kinkao is a Thai restaurant, located in Brick Lane, which is more renowned and famed for its myriad of curry houses, rather than the flavours of the exotic Far East. Nonetheless, Kinkao strives and succeeds in bringing a little bit of Thailand to an area dominated by Bangladeshi cuisine.

The establishment serves a full halal menu, in a deceptively large restaurant decorated with stunning carved wood furnishings and Asian ornaments; transporting the diner to the mystical orient.

The service was warm, friendly and hospitable, which is not always found in a restaurant that charges affordable prices for its fare. Usually you have to give up one for the other.


Even their menu brought a touch of the Far East. It almost felt like you were opening an ancient book.


We opted for the mixed starter which consisted of a selection of starters: Satay Kai (chicken satay), Tod Mun Pla (minced fish cakes), Thung Tong (Thai golden bags filled with chicken and shrimps), Kanom Pang Na Goong (minced prawn toast), Vegetable Spring Rolls, Chicken Wings and Goong Hom Pa (prawns wrapped in filo).

This was an excellent sharing platter, perfect in sampling a number of classic Thai appetisers. The mixed starter was served in a carved wooden dish; everything from the execution of this mixed starter to the bold flavours within each component was exquisite. The trio of sauces; peanut butter, sweet chilli and cucumber and sweet chilli dressing added an explosion of truly authentic Thai flavours in one’s mouth. The mince prawn toast was exceptional; super soft mince prawn with a crisp sesame coating. The prawn toast really stood out from the rest.


The dish at the front of the picture is the “Pad Kra-Prao” with chicken, which is a spicy stir fry dish. The flavours were phenomenal, with prominent eastern flavours erupting through with every single bite. The serving staff informed us that the ingredients are imported from Thailand, thus providing a true authentic taste of Asia. The dish at the back was a traditional “Pad Thai”, with beef. Once again this dish was good, however, the beef lacked seasoning, so the flavour of the beef was not agreeable to the palate. Nonetheless, one of the better Pad Thai dishes we have ate.


Pad Kra-Prao
Beef Pad Thai


Kinkao is undeniably one of the best Thai restaurants in London, offering a great experience via its extensive menu of exotic delicacies at reasonable prices and at a beautiful venue. Whether you love Thai or just love food, this place should be on your list.

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