Comptoir Libanais

Comptoir Libanais is a Middle Eastern cafe style restaurant, found in multiple locations. Comptoir Libanais means ‘Lebanese counter’ and that is pretty much what you get but with a touch of vintage old school glamour.

The humous as always was velvety in texture. A must order in any Lebanese restaurant.


Shown below is the Spicy Armenian Lamb Sausages (Sojuk) filled in a Spanish style tortilla with potato, egg and tomato and topped with crispy onions. The Lebanese flavours were distinct. The spicy sausage had bold authentic flavours. Each bite was devine. It was just a shame there wasn’t more of the sausage. The fried onions added an extra level of flavour and completed the whole dish.


The dishes below were from the Tagine section, which were The Aubergine – baked aubergine in a tomato and chickpea sauce garnished with mint yoghurt and the Lamb Kofta – minced Lamb, tomato, carrots, peppers and courgettes garnished with mint yoghurt.

Both dishes had the potential to be exquisite in piquancy but were very subtle in flavour, opting more towards appeasing a western palate, rather than remain true to its flavour bursting middle eastern heritage.


The Lamb Kofta wrap below, although hearty and filling, the flavours were mild.


The Lamb Burger with harissa mayonnaise lacked seasoning and didn’t quite taste fresh as the patty was absent of it’s natural juices. The batata harra is meant to be spicy potato but there wasn’t nothing spicy about them.


For a true Lebanese experience, there are far better options, nonetheless, the food on offer was by no means poor, it was actually quite enjoyable, hearty and filling, just not truly authentic.

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