Fast Food

German Doner Kebab

German Doner Kebab is an international franchise offering a refined take on the humble Doner Kebab.


The picture above showcases the ‘Mixed Doner Kebab Sandwich with Extra Meat’, consisting of a mixture of chicken and beef.

The positives: the bread was fluffy and warm with a lovely fresh taste. The doner meat was tender and of a higher quality than your local kebab shop. The negatives: even though extra meat was ordered, the sandwich was packed full of salad and the amount of meat was minimal, which was a great disappointment. The pieces of doner meat were small and thin. Doner meat should be thick pieces of succulent meat, which this was not. The meat was bland, with no discernible flavour, even though the texture and quality of the meat was sublime. Lastly, the sauce, all I can say is poor.


The chicken doner and chip box shown below was surprisingly tastier than its beef alternative. The chicken was succulent and retained is natural flavour.

Chicken Doner Box

To surmise; the German Doner Kebab on this occasion was a disappointment, but the eatery does have great potential. The quality of the food is striving for a gourmet standard and the place offers a great concept, but it failed on its execution.

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