Sticky Wings

Sticky Wings is Brick Lanes newest little gem. The kind of place you spot on your walk along the vibrant streets of Brick Lane searching for an authentic Bangladeshi restaurant only to come across something entirely different; an American diner inspired eatery with its main feature – Sticky Wings. A minimalistic menu of only sticky wings with your usual sides or a bagel filled burger. Don’t be put off, sometimes less is more and in the case of Sticky Wings, less is certainly more!!


The hot chilli Sticky Wings were exactly as the label states – perfectly hot with succulent chicken revealed beneath the fried outer coating, cooked through to perfection. Opt for the battered corn on a cob sprinkled with a chilli flake coating as your side and you won’t be disappointed. IMG_9930

The bagel filled burger juicy and fit for a man with a large appetite. IMG_9941

Visit 2:

Exactly a year later we re-visited Sticky Wings. This place will always hold fond memories for us, because as we were sat here devouring our meal of crispy chicken wings drenched in a generous serving of sauce, we were inspired to document our food journey and thus Halallicious Blog was born.

That nostalgic feeling you have in your stomach waiting in anticipation for your meal to arrive and hoping it will be exactly like your ‘first time’ didn’t quite live up to our own hype. Having said that, the wings were still good, just not mind blowing. We opted for 3 flavours on this visit: Red Hot Chilli, BBQ and American Baffalo. The BBQ flavour stood out from the other two. The corn on the cob didn’t taste as fresh and crispy as the first time but overall you get a decent meal for a good price and service was faultless.


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