Meat and Shake

Meat and Shake in Tooting prides itself in serving bonafide burgers; but is this place more style over substance?

Immediately on entering the establishment you can visualise the owner’s branding direction; from the signage right through to small details such as a flower which instantly makes their burgers recognisable.


We ordered the ‘Luchador’ and the ‘Von Longhorn’ made from 35 day dry aged beef. You could taste the quality and juicy texture of the beef. The patty was blanketed between a soft brioch bun that had a perfect golden glaze. The stanton sauce and aioli with monterrey jack cheese, sautéed onions and salad was in abundance and completed the burger accoutrement.

Von Longhorn


The Von Longhorn had plenty of stanton sauce and flavour with both patties cooked perfectly medium. The synaesthetic experience you yearn for in a bonafide burger was missing and both patties lacked seasoning. Despite the lack of seasoning the combined flavours worked and tasted good.


For sides we opted for the dirty fries. The fries were generously topped with an abundance of mince meat. Although, we found the mince meat to lack seasoning, the other components added contrasting flavours which worked well.


For drinks we opted for the peanut butter milkshake which was deliciously creamy and with the peanut butter flavour prominent.

Meat and Shake certainly offers substance and style under one roof and is paving the path for an innovative halal burger adventure. The prices are on the high-end in comparison to other gourmet burger establishments. However, that is a reflection of the high quality ingredients used in their burgers.

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